May Forever!

I don't usually share much of my personal life here, specially about me and the #ReigningTatay.

First, because I'm pretty sure he won't appreciate it. Second, because ours is probably one of the most boring love story of all time.

We've known each other most our lives because we live in the same area. Our love story started 12yrs ago when we became a couple, then we got separated. Started dating again early 2013. I got pregnant. Now, we have the #FabSkye and we're still together. Nothing much. We don't even have an anniversary! And we're fine with it.

Living with him for 4 years has been crazy. Fun at times. Most days I wanna kill him and he wants to kill me. But overall, happy.


In this post I was supposed to share with you our secrets to a lasting relationship. And I'm pretty sure you've read open communication, do not sleep without resolving conflicts, yadah yadah yadah!

All of those are true but I guess our only secret is...

He decided that we will have a complete family. And I've decided to honor him.

Yes, folks! It's a decision for us. If we fight and I'd throw him out of the house, I know deep in my heart that he would always return. If we have a misunderstanding, we knew that at the end of the day it'll be just us figuring things out.

And because we've decided to be together and keep this family complete, we try to accept those stuff we don't like about each other. The smaller ones that irks us, we try to fix them.

Totoo naman. There are some things about each other that we don't like because we grew up in different household, we have different beliefs, we are different people. So learning to accept that the man I want to spend my entire life with is not perfect is something I am trying real hard to do. Of course there are days na mahirap. But I learned that not talking about it to other people is the best way to resolve this. Ika nga, we don't wash our dirty laundry in public. Ganun din kasi, magrereklamo ako sa Facebook tapos maya maya magpopost naman ako ng "happy family" picture. Muntanga diba? So wag na besh! Of course, we tell each other the stuff that we don't like about each other. But bottom line is acceptance talaga.

However there are some stuff naman na di pwedeng tanggapin nalang. Sometimes, we know we have to fix it.

Like one major issue I have with my husband - his mabahong damit!! I am hoping, praying, keeping all my body parts crossed na hindi nya to mababasa kundi yari ako talaga. Bwahahaha!!

Seriously! Don't get me wrong. My husband is not mabaho. But his clothes are! Especially once mapawisan. Eh I have allergic rhinitis so I have a very sensitive nose. Jusko talaga. Grabeng paghihirap.

At first we thought it's because he would usually send his clothes to the laundry shop when he was single. We know that those are not okay diba? But since we live together already, we wash his clothes at home na. Ganun pa din besh! Worst is feeling namin, nahahawa our clothes too.

Then I would blame it on the fact that he would spray like a gallon of perfume on his clothes all the time! I honestly think eto padin talaga ang culprit why the clothes smell in the first place pero kasi, bakit diba? Maayos naman ang laba.

Then I would notice that it'll be mas malala if hindi natutuyo ang clothes ng maayos. And I noticed that my clothes are starting to be stinky as well. Malaking hadlang sya sa sexy time. I swear! Lalo na pag napupunta na sa skin yung baho.

My mama would always say, na ihiwalay daw namin ang clothes ni Tatay from our clothes like what she would do with my Papa's clothes. Ayun pa pala, my father's clothes are mabaho as well. So medyo tinatanggap ko na ang katotohanang ganun talaga ang damit ng mga lalaki. Pero di talaga pwede eh!

Until a month ago when my aunt who washes our clothes resigned and I was left with no choice but to do the laundry myself.

Thank heavens DIY laundry shops are available already.  Super okay because they would dry the clothes also. As in paglabas ng damit, mainit init pa.

That's when I discovered Dell Forever Joy.

Del-Forever-Fabric-Conditioner-ReigningStill (1)

The laundry shop attendant offered that fabric conditioner to me. He said it's the best one and a lot are using it. So I just said okay.

I am planning on bringing my own the next visit because we use a different fabric conditioner. Yung may antibacterial churva because nga our clothes are really smelly. Kahit yung sa #FabSkye, I noticed that umaamoy na din pag napawisan.

Del-Forever-Fabric-Conditioner-ReigningStill (2)

But oh boy! I noticed a huge difference on the smell of our clothes. Sabi ko at first it's probably because tuyo ang damit. Also, di ko sinabay ang damit ng ReigningTatay sa damit namin ni Skye that time. Actually, di ko nilabhan sa laundry shop ang damit nya because I honestly don't think kakayanin ng ganung laundry shop ang damit nya. I was thinking, lalabhan nalang separately yung kanya dito sa bahay since mabaho nga his used clothes.

Del-Forever-Fabric-Conditioner-ReigningStill (3)

The next visit, I used our old fabric conditioner again and dun ko napatunayan yung difference! The #FabSkye's clothes started to smell again!

So on my next visit to the laundry shop, I brought all our clothes na (including the ReigningTatay's) and used Dell Forever Joy once again.

Mga besh! Confirmed!!! Del Forever Joy ang sagot sa matagal ko ng problema. Ang sumalba sa aming pagsasama! Char!

Del-Forever-Fabric-Conditioner-ReigningStill (5)

Pero medyo seryoso yun ah. Sometimes kasi nabubwiset na sa akin si Tatay kung bakit daw sya ang lagi ko sinisisi sa pagbaho ng damit namin. Bwahahaha! Sabi kasi ni Mila eh!!! Pero aminin nyo mga mumsh, diba? Mabaho naman talaga ang pawis ng mga tatay? Lalo na pag nagbasketball!!! Ay patayan na ito!

I would always nag him and tell him to put his clothes on a separate hamper. Kasi sabi ko kaya bumabaho din damit namin ni Kakay because of his pawisan clothes. Mga besh! Mali ako!! It's because I'm using a fabric conditioner that is not okay with our clothes. But I'm pretty sure yung fact na natutuyo ng maayos this time ang damit namin is also a huge factor.

Yes, this is my entry to Nuffnang's contest for Del but I swear, everything I said here is true. Based on real experience mga besh. Also, Mila is now using Del as well. And confirmed, ang 30 years na nyang issue sa mabahong damit ng Tatay ko na matagal na nyang tinanggap nalang eh naresolve. Bwahahaha!

So to ReigningTatay, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you love my gift for you this year - mababangong clothes finally!! And a blog entry about your "baho". Nyahahaha!


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