Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)


Finally! After months and months of waiting! I was finally able to catch Beauty and the Beast! And it’s superb. You’ve probably read like a hundred reviews already but heck! I’m writing mine down coz I wanna see if I’ll have the same thoughts after re-watching and re-watching and re-watching it! Hahaha! Coz it’s now on my List of Movies I Won’t Ever Get Tired of Watching.

  1. Emma Watson is Belle. And I can’t think of anybody else who could play that role. Belle is one of my favorite Disney princess. Next to Cinderella. But I could relate with Belle much more than Cinderella in so many levels. And while the animated movie is a classic, and is really wonderfully-made, iba pa din yung totoong tao yung gumanap. Mas may puso. Tatay and I are talking about it after the film and he said he didn’t like Emma’s portrayal of Belle because she changed some parts. Sabi nya “Tingnan mo yung kanta dun sa village, diba dapat masaya yun? Parang ang lungkot nya na ewan eh. Parang pinipilit lang na sumaya.”. I was laughing my pants off! “Bes, pinagtsi-tsismisan sya dun sa kanta. Tinatawag syang funny girl. Expect mo masaya sya?”. Hahaha! That’s what I’m talking about. The animated film wasn’t able to show that heart. And Emma was able to convey that feeling. So obvious na kahit yung asawa ko na di nakikinig sa lyrics eh na-gets. Also, some people are saying that she didn’t move on from being Hermione. Something that I’d strongly disagree. Emma has moved on from being Hermione years ago. Perks of Being a Wallflower palang bes, na-shed off na nya ang Hermione feels. But I have to admit that there are some similarities between the two ladies. Both are bookish, smart, and strong-willed. But they differ in so many levels as well. Hermione knows what she wants and would do everything to get what she wants. Belle is trapped between wanting to leave the “provincial life” and staying for her father. Hermione reads to know the real world while Belle reads to escape her world. Totally different. And Emma gave both women, the justice they deserve.
  2. The entire cast is perfect. Luke Evans gave Gaston life. Emma Thompson is so perf as Mrs. Potts. Oh my gosh! Ewan Mc Gregor is just sooo talented and sooo perfect as Lumiere. Whoever did the casting have watched Beauty and the Beast a thousand time like I did. Yes. Thousand times! I’ve watched it like a hundred time before when I was single. But then the #FabSkye had a Beauty and the Beast addiction that lasted for months so we would usually watch “Beast” like 4 times a day, every single day. And I’m not even kidding! So I know that each character was represented well in this film.
  3. I was so excited and nervous during the first few minutes of the film. I kept on reminding myself to not over-expect (so I won’t get heartbroken if it didn’t live up to my expectations) but then, Belle sang and I totally forgot that I have been waiting for this film for months! All I could think of was, “Oh my gosh!”. And there are instances where I totally forgot to compare it with the animated film. That’s how awesome it is. The film was able to stand on it’s own. It’s no longer just a live-action version of the animated one. It is Beauty and the Beast. Period.
  4. Beast’s song, Evermore, made me cry buckets. I wanna throw myself on the chair and cry like a Disney princess! I swear! That song, tugged my heart. I listened to Josh Groban’s version but I swear Dan Steven’s is far more better! More heartfelt. Ang sakit bes.
  5. Yes. You will cry.
  6. I love all of Belle’s wardrobe. Her tucked skirt that showed her bloomers and boots? Check! Her red cape? Check! Her yellow ball gown and the hair accessories and the necklace? Check! Also, I love that little ring on her pinky finger! Now I want one. I hope I could see the design of that ring! And that ear cuff! I swear it was shown for like a few seconds but I want that too! Check! Check! Check! I love them all.
  7. And let me mention the awesomeness of Luke Evans once more. He made my ovaries explode with his hotness. But I want to bang his head on his muscles every time he’d open his mouth and do those evil things he does. Gaston is really not our typical villain. He’s not ugly. But he’s a brute and brainless. And Luke gave him justice.
  8. I especially love that scene where they returned to Belle’s Paris home. Finally, questions are answered. I’ve been wondering why she kept on saying that they live on a provincial town. Yun pala taga-Paris si ateng! ahahah! That background story about the Beast is also good.
  9. I don’t understand what’s the fuzz is all about that LeFou character being gay. Ermergerd. I was expecting a kissing scene at least! With all the news and buzz about it and countries banning it. Heller?!
  10. My daughter loved it. As much as she loves the animated film. And I love it too! So much that I want to watch it again.


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