Review: My Ex and Whys (2017)


This hilarious film is exactly what I need this busy Valentine week. I said hilarious because saying that it's a "funny" film would be the understatement of the year.

Imagine a wonderful cast of Joross Gamboa, Joey Marquez and Ryan Bang? HILARIOUS! We we're laughing from the start of the film until the end.

But the great thing is, it's not just simply funny. Or trying hard funny. It's the "millennial funny". Yung tipong tawang tawa ka kasi ganyan na ganyan kayo mag usap ng tropa mo.

I swear! Every time Ryan Bang would say, "ang arte arte mo!" everybody at the cinema would laugh hysterically. That tweets that says "Masyadong ginalingan eh." is just too simple but really funny. And of course, Joross' funny and witty lines are on point.

Probably one of my favorite movies. I love RomCom. I could watch them ng paulit ulit. There are RomComs though that are super pilit but this one, grabe! I applaud the writers of this film. Mga bes, masyado nyong ginalingan. Iba kayo!

But of course, it's not just funny. The heart-wrenching scene of Liza made me cry. Okay, sorry but this is a semi-spoiler (you know I don't do spoilers!) but I have to...

There's this confrontational scene between Cali (Liza) and Gio (Enrique). Gio has been trying really hard to say sorry to Cali because of that one mistake he did (he cheated on her) some years back. And Cali can't forgive him. She is so mad that she did several stupid things. So Gio asked her why can't she not forgive that one mistake after his thousand sorrys.

Liza's words really tugged deep in my heart. Alright I don't remember it exactly but she said something like...

'Why do you guys think that after hurting us girls, and cheating on us..everything would be erased by a simple sorry. Yung itutulog mo nalang tapos pagkagising mo wala na. Yun ang pangarap namin! Sana nga ganun lang. Alam nyo ba kung ano yung tumatakbo sa isip namin nung ginawa nyo yun? Madaming tanong! Pangit ba ko? Am I not good enough? May kulang ba sa akin? Pangit ba katawan ko? Then WHY!'

Then she went on and explained how that pain affected her and her family. That because of that pain she can't eat or go to school which made her lose her scholarship. And since her father left them for another woman, her mother had to work extra hard to pay for her and her brother's tuition. 

And because they don't have money to pay for rent they have to move in with her Tita. She lost everything. And so forgiving him, will never come easy. Her pain is deep. Her pain is rooted by th efact that her own father left them for another woman. That she sees her mother being hurt by her father. Ang lalim eh. Kaya pwede ba? May karapatan syang umarte, mga bashers kayo!!! Bwahaha!

I swear, you have to watch this. I love love LOVE it so much.


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