Review: La La Land (2017)


I was in the US when this movie was shown here in Manila so I literally had to ask my friend to wait for me so I could watch with him. We almost didn’t make it because of our crazy schedules buti nalang my kumare (yes! the one who doesn’t like to use her brain cells when watching a film) told me she wanted to watch this award-winning film.

Sa sobrang shock namin, nag book na kami agad ng seats and off we went.


This film is not a love story. That’s for sure. Well, it is a love story but it talks about more than the love story of a guy and girl. It talks about the someone’s love for their passion/dreams.  Emma and her acting. Ryan and her music. It talks about the struggles you had to go through. The shame. The pain. The seemingly endless battle between doing what is expected and doing what you love.

This film is actually very simple. The storyline is basic. But it was shown with too much simplicity that it tugs every person’s heart. Tumagos eh. Tatamaan ka ng matindi because definitely, we were once Emma or Ryan at one point in our lives. This film is very much relatable. And I guess that’s the magic of this movie.

Not to mention the very nice songs and dance production. Ganda. Although this film is very “dreamy” and “filmy”. I don’t know how to explain it but that’s the overall feel. I’m not sure if I like it or if I just find it weird but I guess it’s part of the overall appeal of the film.

Is it worth it? Yes, definitely. This is that kind of movie you’ll never get tired of watching over and over again. And for sure every time, it’ll give a different feels.

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