Review: Die Beautiful (MMFF 2016)

Die Beautiful

You all know that I’m a fan of Filipino movies. I’m also a huuuuuuge supporter of MMFF. Every year, I would watch as much as I could. But this year is different. This year, I’m watching not just because I want to support the Filipino movies but because, for the first time, all of the movies on the line up are very much deserving to be included on a film festival.

It’s a very controversial year for the MMFF because they decided to include indie films, documentaries and award-deserving films. For several years, a lot of movie fanatics are asking for change on the MMFF. It’s a movie festival and not just an income generating festival. They even have an award night. So definitely, movies of high quality shown. And this year, our pleas we’re finally heard. This year, we we’re given a wonderful line up. Sa sobrang bongga ng line up, lahat ng tao sa feeds ko wants to watch all 8 films. Ako din!

My first for this year is Paolo Ballesteros’ award-winning film Die Beautiful.

This time, I’d like to pull a Chico Garcia and list down my 10 thoughts about this film (in a funny way).
  1. First and foremost, it’s a drag movie. It’s funny, colorful, witty on the outside but raw, painful, cringe-worthy on the inside. They we’re able to tell the real story while wrapping everything up in a sea of laughter.
  2. Christian Babbles is indeed a revelation. Paglabas namin ng cinema, my friends asked if he’s gay and I said yes without batting an eye lash. I saw him kasi on another film/show where he also played gay. And in my head, there’s no way a real guy could pull off Barbs. I mean, may scene silang naka-panty for crying out loud! He was always wearing heels. And believe me, laki ako sa parlor ng tyahin ko, kasama ng mga baklang transdyosa. Ganun sila umarte. Kuhang kuha nya. So he deserves that award.
  3. Paolo Ballesteros is wonderful. No. Scratch that. He’s brilliant. I know the man is talented. Witty. Funny. I am a huge fan of KalyeSerye. I know his brand of comedy. But HE IS BRILLIANT. No more no less. Every scene was heartfelt. Ramdam ko yung sakit. Yung kilig. Yung landi. Yung pagmamahal ng isang ina. Paolo is Trisha Echeverria on this film.
  4. His make up transformations are genius. And a great representation of Trisha’s life. Isa syang malaking make up transformation.
  5. This movie is hilarious. Very gay.
  6. This movie is more than fun. Tatawa ka pero lalabas kang nasaktan. Lalabas kang mas mulat sa katotohanan. These realities are not new to me because I grew up with them. I grew up with a gay uncle. I grew up with his gay friends. Laki ako sa parlor. Lahat ito hindi bago sa akin. Matagal na kong mulat sa mundo ng BeauCon. Alam ko paano nila mina-masking tape ang mga dapat i-masking tape. But it’s so refreshing to see it on the big screen. Yung for the first time, natatawa ka sa bakla pero hindi mo mo sila pinagtatawanan.
  7. Bakla ang bida dito. Oo! Bakla ang bida dito. At hindi sila pinagtatawanan lang. Dito, ramdam mo ang kabaklaan pero ramdam mo ang puso, ang respeto, ang buhay. This is every gay’s dream movie. Yes! And I’m crying right now, because the gay deserves this movie.
  8. Galit sa ibon ang pelikulang ito. They are either suffocated or wanted to be removed. (Got that from Chico!)
  9. This is in every aspect a tragicomedy.
  10. Must watch. Definitely.

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