Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016)


Being the ultimate Potterhead myself, it is just given that I’m so excited to watch this film. I’ve actually read the book already (what a Potterhead!) and so I’m thrilled to know how they’d lay out the story of Newt Scamander. Also because it’s actually J.K Rowling who did the screenwriting of this film.

So how was it? It was awesome. Well written, well laid out. With a nice balance of adventure and storytelling. I’ve heard that it’ll be a 4-part film. I’m so excited to know how Grindelwald would make things even crazier for Newt. And Johnny Depp is Grindelwald! So yey!

Although I don’t quite like the panning of the camera. I got really dizzy on the first part of the film where they are showing this newpaper write ups. Though I understand that it adds to that “magical” feel but yeah! I got really dizzy. So much movements. So much fluidity.

But aside from that whole panning issue and maybe a bit boring first few minutes (o baka hilo palang talaga ako nun), it’s all awesome. If you are like me who’s really into this wizarding world of JK Rowling, you would love it so much too. It feels really great to be back to the wizarding world. Medyo biased lang ako talaga kasi nga, ultimate Potterhead.

The actors are also awesome. Galing ni Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol. Ang perfect lang nila talaga. Eddie Redmayne really looked like a nerd, weird guy. And Katherine is that equal nerdy girl. Tama nga si Chico when he said that you would really know that there’s something weird with both of them at an instant. Overflowing with weirdness eh. While the no-maj (muggle) Dan Fogler is super cute. He’s the much needed comic relief pero di nakakabwiset at di din naman sya puro comedy lang. And the pink lady Alison Sudol is soooo pretty. Kaso tawang tawa kami ng friend ko kasi may mga stuff na di namin masyado naintindihan. Nakakahilo din pala pag british at american accent ang naririnig mo in one film. Di napa-process ng brain cells ko. Nyahahhaa!

Anyway, another must watch. Wag palampasin. Please. Especially for my fellow Potterheads. I swear, you’d love it.


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