Review: Barcelona, A Love Untold (2016)


Yes. We watched Barcelona, A Love Untold on it’s first screening day. And it was crazy!

As usual, I was with my kumares. Ang mga usual kong kasama pag nanonood ng tagalog chic flick. I love watching with them because laging nagiging comedy ang lahat. Puro tawa lang.

But this one is crazier because we are watching with the rest of the #KathNiel fans and it was so much fun. Sabi ko nga, naka ready na ang 911 sa phone ko kasi feeling ko anytime may hihimatayin na sa kilig.

I am actually a huge #ALDUB and #KathNiel fan. Harhar! Uy ah! Proud ako dun. So I really made sure to watch this film.

How was it?

Sabi nga sa inyo, akala ko talaga may hihimatayin sa kilig eh. Everytime na ifo-focus sa screen si DJ or Kath, tilian. Everytime may sweet moments, tilian. Hahahaha! The chemistry between these two are crazy. I can’t help but feel giddy as well.

Joshua added the much needed humor to the film. Aiko also did a wonderful job of playing DJ’s aunt and confidante.

I love the lines! It was hilarious. It was heartfelt. With lots of #hugot. Mapapahagalpak ka sa tawa, mapapa “aaaaww” ka, at mapapaiyak ka. I think Olivia Lamasan and the writer did a great job here. I was actually expecting a heavy drama movie but I got a perfect balance of drama, comedy and romance. May mga linyang “Sabi ko sayo pigilan mo magpakamatay, hindi ko sinabing iuwi mo at ikaw bumuhay”. Hahahahah! Then, “mag ingat ka dyan sa mga di pa tapos magmahal ng iba..”. Ouch! Then, “ayan mukha ka ng mop!”. Hahahaha!

I also think both DJ and Kath are such greats actors. Grabe! Compare this film to their previous ones (all I’ve watched as well, fan na fan lang!) and you’d really see the difference and the maturity. Nakakaaliw. Nakakaproud.

DJ is really gwapo! Ermergerd. Kilig to the bones ako everytime nasa screen sya. OA sa gwapo si kuya. For sure, if the #FabSkye is with me malamang kinikilig din sya. Crush netong batang to si DJ eh. But more that his charm, I was blown away by his acting prowess. I've known all along that he has what it takes to be a good actor. But here, he gave his all. You could feel the pain just by simply looking in his eyes. Alam mo yung ang sarap yakapin kasi lahat ng sakit nasa mata? Come here DJ, come to mama! Hahaha!

And Kath!!! Oh my gulay. Even my friend says she’s pretty. Eh napakataas ng standard nun sa beauty eh. Her make up is soooo on point! Bare faced pero pak. Her kilay is on point!! Perfect. The eyeshadow, the light blush, the pinkish lips. Ermergerd. I hope Nadine would up her game on her make ups as well. Kita nyo ba kilay nya sa Till I Met You? My gulay!!! Square kung square. Hindi ko keri. Whoever did Kath’s make up in this film is a genius!!!! At oo!! Make up talaga ni Kath ang pinaka napansin ko. Bwahahaha! And her clothes. Wow! Her stylist did a wonderful job. Hindi umay levels sexy and very fashionable.

And I was hooked on Mia's character. At first I was like, sus! Nahuli lang nangopya eh kala mo naman kung ano ng nagawa. But then as the story unfolds, you'd understand where she's coming from and why she's like that. And Kathryn gave Mia's complicated, weird character justice! She was stellar!

I won’t give further details coz heller? Go and watch. But honestly, it’s so much worth it!! I plan to watch again with my brother. Ahihihi! Or probably with my bestfriends!

Go and watch. Promise. Worth it. And they have a kissing scene!!!! The first kiss is soooo soooo kaloka! Nakakakilig!!!

P.S.: I'm reading loads of nega posts about this movie and I honestly don't get it. I guess whatever they do, people will have something bad to say. And some are telling me naman that I appreciate naman daw all films. And I am not a movie critic. Well, well, well! Tama kayo! I am not a movie critic like 97% of the film goers. So this post is from a neophyte mum who simply loves to watch films. This movie was created as a transition film for KathNiel. And they delivered! Not too mushy, not too pa-cutey but not heavy drama as well. Tamang timpla lang ng kilig, drama at comedy. I also watch Oscar-worthy films, btw and I appreciate them as well. Barcelona may NOT be Oscar-worthy but it is definitely is worth every penny. Coz I went to the cinema to watch a romantic film, and they delivered with flying colors. So I am more than happy! Plus, ang ganda talaga ng make up ni Kathryn!!! Ma-perfect ko lang ang no-make up make up nya, masaya na ko. And BOTH of them are good ah. Not just DJ. Kathryn is honestly a great actress. Give credit where credit is due.


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