Review: Morganfield’s (Uptown Mall, BGC)

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I was one of the lucky zomans who got invited on Morganfield’s launch earlier this month. Located at the 2nd floor of Uptown Mall in BGC, this newly opened restaurant is truly something worth visiting. And let me share with you why…

Brief Background

Morganfield’s is best known as the home of the sticky bones, an authentic, old-fashioned prime pork ribs that’s slow-cooked to make the ribs sticky and yummy up to the bones. They have different branches across Asia and they just recently opened their first store here in Manila.

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Location and Interiors

Located at the 2nd floor of the Uptown Mall in BGC. The store has this industrial feel with the brick walls and beautiful ceiling pipes. It’s very homey thanks to the good lighting and nice framed wall photos. The place is also very spacious with more than enough rooms to roam in between the tables. I kinda hate restaurants that are full-packed. Tipong hindi ka na magalaw sa dami ng tables.

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The Food

Oh my! The food is really super worth it. Let me photo blog…

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Sesame Shrimp Salad (395php)

We started off with Sesame Shrimp Salad. This is truly to die for!!! Me and my foodie buddy just kept on gushing over the salad and the please-i-need-this-recipe dressing. The combination of crunch, the sweetness and the tanginess because of the greens, apples and oranges gave this salad a forget-me-not feel. As in! Really worth it. MUST. TRY.

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Pork Sausage Platter (465php)

This Pork Sausage Platter composed of Spicy Devil, Smoky Bandit, Herby Hog and Cheesy Cheese came in next. You see, I am not a sausage person. The over powering taste of most sausages is something I can’t stand. But this one is my exception to the rule. This plate is also a foodie favorite. Almost all of the foodies on the event just can’t stop gushing over these home made sausages. Another MUST. TRY.

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Tequila Spiked Chicken (395php)

For all you chicken lovers out there, Morganfield’s Tequila Spiked Chicken won’t disappoint. The tequila lime-paprika marinade is simply perfect. I love that this dish is something unique. Walang katulad. Not something familiar. I just can’t compare it with anything because it simply is one of a kind for me.

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Pork Shoulder Chop (550php)

Unsurprisingly, this is the least favorite dish on the group. Filipinos love juicy meat hence the love for thighs and pork bellies. But I am a white meat lover so I really appreciate this dish and I could name a couple of friends who would say this is simply amazing. I love white meat smothered with creamy sauce. Kaya bentang benta sa akin ang chicken breast fillet in white sauce ng asawa ko. And this one is simply that. If you want to truly enjoy this dish, make sure you put a generous amount of creamy sauce onto it and enjoy. Must try for white meat lovers like me.

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So now let’s go to the star of the show, the sticky bones RIBS!

They offer two types of meat for their ribs. The imported from Spain, Iberico meat and their sticky bones pork ribs. And the ribs come in 4 flavors – hickory, garlicky, peppercorn and spicy asian.

The Iberico meat is much more juicy and oozing with flavor. This Spanish meat are for those who wants extra kick to their ribs. Undeniably of high quality. But personally, I prefer the regular pork ribs in peppercorn and garlicky flavor.

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They really live to their tagline that they are the home of sticky bones. The ribs are oozing with flavors up to the bones. The meat are tender. No need for knives actually. And they are simply yummy. Just go and try it out!

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Chocolate Brownie (175php)

As you all know, I am very much difficult to please when it comes to dessert. Blame my best friend Joie who bakes the most delicious pastries ever! I am very glad to report that this one didn’t disappoint. Soft, chewy brownie topped with vanilla ice cream? Yes please! I love that the brownie is chewy and rich. Yum!

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Berry Easy (195php)

Now here’s the thing, I know I said I don’t usually order drinks when dining out but again Morganfield’s is simply an exception to my rule. Oh my gulay. They serve the yummiest blended coolers and cocktails (non-alcoholic) ever. My Berry Easy drink is simply to die for! A combination of grapes, blackberries and strawberries, this drink gave that tangy sweet dance of flavors on my taste buds. I am one happy baby!!

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The Service

Aside from the excellent food, the main selling point of Morganfield’s for me is definitely the quality of their service. They flew in trainers from their office abroad to train the Manila staff. Each one was trained properly explaining each dish that they offer. So far, all of the wait staff I had the privilege of talking to are very consistent with their product knowledge and excellent service. Very friendly, very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable and super attentive. Ang sarap nila kausap. If you ask for a dish on the menu, they could give you answers. If you ask for the best-sellers or personal favorites, they could give you names. They would even explain why they prefer that and would ask you of personal preference and would recommend a dish or two that you might like. Diba? Ang saya ng ganun mums.
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I highly recommend Morganfield’s. I can’t wait to bring my family there. They have set meals anyway. So affordable na din.

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