On Losing the Pregnancy Fats

 Top and Shorts: Vintage | Sneakers: Vans | Bag: Mango | Lippie: Mac Ruby Woo

Hello everyone! I’m back!! Yep. An #OOTD for y’all. Did you guys miss it? Oh my! I do. I really, really do miss doing #OOTDs.

This little blog used to be a fashion and lifestyle blog. But now, it’s all about baby fashion. And you guys know why – it’s because I’m effing plump. Too heavy. Too fat.

But lately, I am slowly losing all the preggy fats and lumps. Yey! I just recently lose 6kgs. And I am back to my pre-preggy clothes. Some are still a bit snug and tight on some places but a lot are fine.

You are probably wondering what I did to lose all the 6kgs? Honestly, I am not really sure how. All I know is I am extra tired lately running after a toddler. And oh! We ditched all the sodas because the #FabSkye would want to drink them also. Plus I am now walking more often. So yeah. I guess that’s why. And oh! I ditched the cream on my coffee. I’m back to black with less sugar.

And so now since I’ve started losing weight, I want to lose some more until I’m back to my old body. Here’s my plan, fellow mums…
  1. I will start to jog. Yep. That’s probably the easiest way and the closest I could ever get to an actual full exercise. I need to burn all the fats.
  2. In order for me to do number 1, I will buy a new rubber shoes. Hahahaha! You have to admit, a new pair would really inspire me to actually jog. And I think I found cool sneakers from Asics at ZALORA. Not just cool, pretty too.
  3. I will wear my body shaper often. They say it’s effective on Kim K. So I will try it. Plus my OB says it’ll help lose all the tummy bulge.
  4. I will eat healthy. We are already starting to do this because the baby is eating with us and wants to eat whatever we eat so the only way to make her eat healthy is for us to eat healthy as well.
Those are just my initial plans. Let’s see where it’ll lead me. I am so excited to wear the rest of the remaining clothes on my closet. Yay!


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