Review: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Last Friday, our company hosted a free movie screening of the much anticipated movie – Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. We we’re allowed to bring a plus one so I took that chance. I, of course, tagged along the husband! A date! Our first no-#FabSkye date. Harhar!

So how was it?

Gosh! It was awesome! I think this is the best MI so far. And my friends agreed with me.

The thing with the whole Mission: Impossible franchise is that it makes you think. It makes you wonder what will happen next. It will make you think of the next move of Ethan. A brain exercise. I love!

Rogue Nation is all of that and more. Some are saying that it lacks stunts but I think that adding some more would be an overkill. I love that this movie doesn’t focus on the stunts alone but on the overall execution of the story. I really like it.

Go ahead and watch. And let me know if you agree with me!


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