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Hello, everyone! This is just a quick post to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking. Just overwhelmed and a bit off. But I promise to bombard you with postsssss soon. I have a lot of pending posts on my drafts and I promise to publish them one by one once I got the hang of things.

Basically, my July was spent washing clothes (yes! I wash our clothes now. And if you know me really well you'd be taking a moment of silence at this news. Harhar!), running after the baby, trying to make her sleep early and work. Work! Work has been crazy lately. We have a big project and it's just really overwhelming.

Anyway, I try to make up for my absence thru social media. I have a lot of social media links scattered around the blog so please feel free to hit the follow button if you wanna get updated with my crazy. I know you want to. Hihihi!

One of the stuff that's keeping me busy these days is COLORFY! That iOS app is addicting. Do not download if you are not ready to get addicted. Here are some of my "works":

A photo posted by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on

A photo posted by Celerhina Aubrey (@reigningstill) on

That's my stress-reliever. Coloring and creating artistic masterpieces. It makes me really happy. Try it mums. Super fun.

For now, let me go back to my work. Gosh! The list of to do's are endless. Crazy!

Too da loo!


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