Review: Skygarden Steak House (Ace Hotel & Suites, Pasig)

Ace Hotel & Suites is known for their Water Spa amenities and 5 star hotel. I had the chance to try them both, as well as their buffet breakfast years ago and I must say that I loved my experience at Ace. Hands down, they served the best hotel buffet breakfast I ever had.

So when our friends from Certified Bloggers invited me and other blogger friends to try out their latest offering, Skygarden Steakhouse, I know I just have to go and try them out.

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Skygarden Steakhouse is located on the 8th floor of the Ace Hotel & Suites, Pasig. This steakhouse is designed to reflect a romantic vibe, perfect for couples.

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The interiors of red and gold exudes elegance and gave off that romantic vibe. There’s also a live music, so expect to be serenaded while dining.

During the private food tasting, we we’re served with their 6-course meal.

Shrimp and Curry

Bread & Dip
Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto

Cream of Pumpkin & Carrot
Seafood Consomme

Mixed Greens with Sesame Dressing

Steak Options
St. Helen's USDA Choice Rib Eye (300g)
served with stewed potatoes & buttered vegetables (950php)

Australian Pure Black Angus Tenderloin (200g)
served with vegetables & egg (1150php)

OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin (300g)
served with mashed potato, corn & vegetables (1650php)

OMAHA USDA Prime Rib-eye (200g)
served with seasoned vegetables & mashed potato

Creme Brulee

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This Shrimp and Curry is the perfect way to start our yummy dinner. Three pieces of shrimp over asparagus and cherry tomatoes with green curry to add flavor. Just yum! The asparagus is crunchy and the shrimp was tender and juicy. I love that the curry is not too strong. Just right to add flavor to the shrimp.

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The Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto is another hit on the table. We all can’t stop munching on the soft bread (with a little crisp on the outside) and the mushroom antipasto spread. The bread was also toasted lightly and they were able to preserve the softness inside.

skygarden-steak-house-ace-hotel (8)

I opted for Seafood Consomme soup cause I want something light to warm up my tummy. The soup is very flavorful despite it being so light. This is perfect if you just want something to warm you up for the heavy steak ahead.

skygarden-steak-house-ace-hotel (3)

While my co-blogger opted for Cream of Pumpkin & Carrot soup. If you want a thick soup then this is for you. I love thick soups actually but I know I need to reserve some space for the steak so I went for the lighter alternative. Although I was able to try it, and it didn’t disappoint. The taste of the pumpkin and carrot is very evident and the soup is very thick. I am very sure my daughter would love this. If only I could cook something like this for her. As if!

Then came the salad - Mixed Greens with Sesame Dressing. This is the best salad I ever had. No kidding. The veggies are crispy and fresh. The sesame dressing is just right, a little bit sweet and little bit tangy. Plus the walnuts gave it a little more crunch and flavor. Wow! Just Wow! I died on first bite.

skygarden-steak-house-ace-hotel (10)

For the main course, I opted for OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin (the one on the right). Our steaks was served medium-rare. Although I always have my steak well-done, I hate that it’s dry and a bit hard (well, its well-done!). But I don’t like blood on my meat, for heaven’s sake! So I would rather eat a dry and hard meat than a bloody one. That’s why I generally don’t like steaks. Because it’s so hard to find a steakhouse that serves my preference – which is soft and juicy steak but well-cooked. Hahaha!

But Skygarden’s steak was cooked perfectly. Well, it’s still a bit pinkish on the middle but it’s not bloody at all! I was able to eat it and enjoyed it very much because it’s juicy and soft and is oozing with flavor. My new blogger friend, Roselle, said that I should try medium-well steaks. It’s not super cooked like well-done but the meat will not be bloody like medium-rare. I should try it next time.

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This is OMAHA USDA Prime Rib-eye. This is slightly smaller than the strip loin but is equally delicious. Also served medium-rare.

skygarden-steak-house-ace-hotel (1)skygarden-steak-house-ace-hotel (4)      
And then we all finished off with a Crème Brulee. I love that it’s not too sweet and that the burnt caramel is not bitter at all. I enjoyed it very much.

We finished off with coffee and more more chicka. It’s fun to dine with friends. Chickahan over good food and nice ambiance. I really enjoyed my stay on Skygarden Steak House.

I am planning on going back with the ReigningTatay. I wanna try their 8 course meal. I am very sure that ReigningTatay would love it there. We haven’t been on a date for ages!! This is perfect on father’s day.

For table reservations and inquiries, please call (02) 628-1888 or visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook (Update: FB link removed because it's no longer available).

Where: Skygarden Steak House
When: 20 May 2015
What: Shrimp and Curry |  Garlic Bread with Mushroom Antipasto |  Seafood Consomme | Cream of Pumpkin & Carrot |  Mixed Greens with Sesame Dressing | OMAHA USDA Prime Striploin | OMAHA USDA Prime Rib-eye | Crème Brulee
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
ReigningStill Recommends: 6-course meal or their 8 course meal upgraded to OMAHA USDA Prime Rib-eye

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