Review: Ramen Cool (SM City Manila)

Ramen Cool is an ordinary Japanese restaurant with exceptionally nice wait staff and super nice ambiance.

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I have been meaning to try Ramen Cool for ages but I was only able to try it last April when we went to the mall with my sister and her friend.

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I love the homey ambiance of this restaurant. Warm colors of wood, cherry blossoms and black are very prominent. The cushioned seats and the well-placed tables make it more appealing and easy to the eyes. The warm light is perfect too for a much more homey ambiance.

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The interiors are not elaborate at all. Just the sleek, minimalistic elegance that is very prominent on most Japanese restaurants.

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Upon seeing that we have a toddler dining with us, the wait staff immediately offered us a high chair and the baby’s own set of bowl, spoon & fork and sippy cup. This is the first time I ever experienced this. I feel that my baby is super welcomed on the place. And for mum, it made me go “aaahhh” and I really feel all warm inside.

ramen-cool (5)Tuna Spicy Mayo (185php)

Being a big Maki addict, I got their tuna spicy mayo. I generally don’t like anything spicy but I’m with the ReigningTatay and I had several experiences of spicy tuna maki that turns out super okay so I wanna give this dish a try. Oh well, it was too spicy for me. I didn’t really enjoy it because the heat is just too much for me. But I guess if you are someone who loves maki and anything spicy, this one is for you. The mayo and tuna though are very much delicious. I just wasn’t able to truly enjoy it because it’s too spicy.

ramen-cool (1)California Love (195php)

Buti nalang we also got California Love, which is just california maki. This one I super love. Really delicious. Not super OA delicious but it’s really more than okay. And considering the price, it’s more than okay.

ramen-cool (11)Ramen

Since I really wanted something to warm up my tummy, I tried their Ramen (totally missed what it’s called). Nothing really fancy. Though I love the soup and all, I think I‘ve had waaay better ramens some other place. I guess I just ordered the wrong one.

ramen-cool (4)Karaage

I love Karaage with my ramen. They are my perfect Japanese pair. Ramen Cool’s karaage did not disappoint. It’s crispy and crunchy outside and super juicy chicken meat inside. I would usually eat al the outer parts of the chicken (the crispy and crunchy one) and would mix the juicy part on Japanese rice and feed it to the baby. The #FabSkye enjoyed it very much.

ramen-cool (3)Chicken Teriyakidon (185php)
ramen-cool (2)Katsudon (195php)

My sister and her best friend tried their rice bowls. I was able to try both and I think both are okay. Really yummy and reasonably priced too. It was served on big bowls with enough rice and lotsa meat and sauce. YUM!

But the best part of our experience is really the wait staff. All are exceptionally nice. Very much attentive and promptly responds to us. They are very friendly too and always smiles at the customers. I mean, if you are surrounded by super smiling wait staff, you just can’t help but feel nice too. And the dining experience would become extra-ordinarily awesome! So kudos to all of the wait staff. We would surely come back.

When: 18 April 2015
Where: Ramen Cool, SM City Manila
What: Tuna Spicy Mayo (185php) | California Love (195php) | Ramen | Karaage | Chicken Teriyakidon (185php) | Katsudon (195php)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Summary: Food are not exceptionally good but are okay and not at all disappointing. All are reasonably priced too. Two thumbs up for super nice wait staff that made my experience super awesome.
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