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A couple of weeks ago, me and my fellow Zomato foodies went out to try Frangos, a Portuguese-inspired restaurant at the heart of Makati.

Frangos, according to the owner started out as a simple roasted chicken on their home backyard, then they eventually started selling at the Legaspi Market. It was such a hit that they realized that they have to have a restaurant pronto! Wow!

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The moment I saw the restaurant, I was instantly awed by their nice exteriors.

I was greeted by their red door and full-length windows. It looked really maaliwalas (clear and pleasant). I know for sure that the owners really thought of the restaurant’s overall vibe.

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The interiors are also as bright and clear and pleasant. Simple art decors are hanged on the white walls. The restaurant is also full of pretty pendant lights. Aside from that, natural light is also entering the establishment through their full-length windows. I love dining with natural lights because it adds to that homey ambiance. Plus, the food looks extra great (both on photos and personal) if there’s enough natural light diba?

They have wooden tables and chairs that looks stylish and elegant too. I was so shocked when the owners said that they didn’t hire an interior decorator. That the entire design and concept was done by them. I mean, good job!! Really good job.

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On the far side of the restaurant is the open kitchen and their menu written on the black board over head. I take a peek on their kitchen and it was clean and organized. I love the little details of the restaurant, like these spoon and fork window handles. And the way the menu was written on the blackboard.

frangos-chicken-makati (6)Chourico and Roast Garlic Crostinis (300php)

We had Chourico and Roast Garlic Crostinis for appetizer. I generally don’t like sausages and chorizos, but this one is an exception. The main reason why I don’t like sausages is because of the “strong” taste. But I was amazed at how balanced this dish was. The meat was perfect with the garlic and crostinis – a fellow foodie told us that we should spread the garlic on the bread and then top off with a piece of meat. My gosh! I tried it and it was heaven! Put a little oil too for extra goodness.

frangos-chicken-makati (8)Chourico Queijo Quesadillas with Mango Salsa (215php) | Beef Trinchado (250php)

We then had Chourico Queijo Quesadillas with Mango Salsa – and it was the bomb! I can’t remember how many quesadillas I actually ate. It is perfect with the mango salsa. The sweet and tangy taste of the mango and tomatoes is the best contrast with the cheese. It’s like a party of flavors on my mouth. Yummy!!

frangos-chicken-makati (10)Frangos Chicken (480php – whole |260php – half | 145php – quarter)

Of course, their best seller Frangos Chicken is present on the table. And I must say that I finally, finally understand the rave. Super juicy and oozing with flavors. The chicken was well-cooked and is perfect with Frangos’ Portuguese Rice. They also offer 3 different dips for the chicken. I can’t really pick which is my favorite. Each give that distinct flavor and all of them I loved.

frangos-chicken-makati (11)Portuguese Seafood Rice (450php)

I guess their Portuguese Seafood Rice is a mash up of Risotto and Paella – both I really love. I find this dish a bit tangy though. And is really not great with the chicken. But I guess this dish on it’s own would be so much better.

frangos-chicken-makati (3)Roasted Pumpkin Hummus (95php)

Their Roasted Pumpkin Hummus is good too. The taste of the pumpkin is very evident and the texture is very smooth. I didn’t know that hummus taste good with bread too but it does.
  frangos-chicken-makati (9)Frangos Wings (195php) |  Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream (100php)

Okay, I would like to save the best for last! The two above are definitely the best I ever had at Frangos. Frangos Wings is the best. As in. Not too spicy. Just enough kick. And it was coated with the best sauce ever. As in I can’t stop munching on it. It looks like it was deep fried too until golden brown. So the meat is juicy and very yummy.

Now, the Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream is just the creamiest ice cream I ever had. Not at par with Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. Come to think of it, they kinda taste the same. Very creamy. Not too sweet. Just perfect!

I can’t wait to drag my friends here. With their exceptionally yummy dishes at such a competitive price, this restaurant is really worth the visit.

When: 05 June 2015
Where: FRANGOS, San Antonio, Makati
What: Chourico and Roast Garlic Crostinis (300php) | Chourico Queijo Quesadillas with Mango Salsa (215php) | Beef Trinchado (250php) | Frangos Chicken (480php – whole |260php – half | 145php – quarter) | Portuguese Seafood Rice (450php) | Roasted Pumpkin Hummus (95php) | Frangos Wings (195php) |  Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream (100php)
ReigningStill Recommends: Chourico Queijo Quesadillas with Mango Salsa, Frangos Wings, Salt Caramel Ice Cream and Frangos Chicken - make sure you order them!
Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars!
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