Review: C’Italian Dining (Salcedo, Makati)

We visited C’Italian Dining, a casual Italian dining restaurant in Salcedo, mid-June with my fellow foodies and it instantly became my favorite Italian restaurant!

c-italian-dining-salcedo (8)

Yep! I learned that night that C’Italian Dining is the home of the original Panizza!!! They have been serving Panizzas since 2004.

C’Italian Dining is a popular casual dining place in Pampanga. But last year, they found a new home in Salcedo, which is 1 kembot away from the office! So yipeee!

They are located right across Salcedo Park in this very classy stone building. They may seem kinda intimidating  as they look like a fine dining restaurant from the outside. It really looks sosyal from the outside. Plus they have mist on the patio! More sosyal factor. And you will be welcomed by their super nice staff the moment you step in. So parang fine-dining restaurant talaga.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (2)

The interiors are classy and elegant. With plush seats, stoned walls, framed art pieces and elegant furniture. There’s a shelf on the far side of the restaurant that housed plates signed by their celebrity guests. They also have a separate small room with curtains that could serve as a function room for private gatherings. Really, really nice.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (3)Complimentary Bread with Pesto & Cheese Dip

This is their complimentary bread that they serve to all dining guests. It's a home baked bread with pesto & cheese dip. I love that its crispy on the outside and soft inside. The pesto & cheese in olive oil is perfect for the bread as well. What a way to kick start our night of gastronomic adventure.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (6)

And now, the best part – the Panizza!

When they said that they are the “home of the original Panizza”, I got really quite intrigued. I was able to try a couple of Panizzas from other restaurants, so I want to know how the original Panizza tastes like.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (7)c-italian-dining-salcedo (5)
salami, scallop flakes, shrimp & sun dried tomatoes
Solo 360.00php
La Famiglia 690.00php

bacon, ham, caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes & mushroom
Solo 280.00php
La Famiglia 520.00php

salami, toasted sliced garlic & sun dried tomatoes
Solo 270.00php
La Famiglia 500.00php

chorizo, salami, bacon & mushroom
Solo 300.00php
La Famiglia 560.00php

ham, olives & bell pepper

**each panizza is served with one bowl of arugula & alfalfa sprouts

For those of you who doesn’t know, Panizza is a fine crisp dough layered with cheese and toppings, like a pizza. But was sliced into strips. Basically, you get a strip and then put some arugula and alfalfa sprouts, then roll it. Like this!

c-italian-dining-salcedo (9)

I swear! It was super yummy. The cheese, toppings and crispy veggies perfectly goes with the thin and soft dough. Each bite is heaven! And I must say, iba padin talaga ang orig! Hands down the yummiest panizza I ever had. And to think that it was reasonably priced. Promise! The moment I set foot on the resto, I thought it’s super expensive. But no! I was shocked that their prices are very competitive.

Their solo serving is probably good for two. Because panizzas are kinda heavy. Hihihi! And the family size is good for maybe 4 pax.

Out of that, my favorites are definitely the Rolls Royce & Kristina. I love the combination of the flavors and topping on these two that I ate a couple of slices. We went back last father’s day (will share on a separate post) and had the ReigningTatay try Rolls Royce. He loved it too! They have some more options on their menu, really perfect for everyone.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (10)Linguine Al Tartufo E Prosciutto (Solo 390.00php | La Famiglia 740.00php)

Next in line are the Pasta.

We first had Linguine Al Tartufo E Prosciutto, a truffle cream sauce topped with parmesan, prosciutto & asparagus. Just the aroma of the truffle wafting from this dish is enough to make me crave for it. I mean, anything with truffle is just perfect! I love the truffle cream sauce and the al dente pasta.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (12)Linguine Ai Fruitti Di Mare (Solo 310.00php | La Famiglia 590.00php)

Next is Linguine Ai Fruitti Di Mare – a seafood pasta in extra virgin olive oil & home made pomodoro sauce. And oh my G! They serve the freshest seafood, as in. The mussels, prawns and salmon are super fresh, they stand out. This dish is best smothered with parmesan, YUM!

c-italian-dining-salcedo (11)Spaghetti Con Polpette (Meatballs) (Solo 270.00php | La Famiglia 490.00php)

Their Meatball Spaghetti has a generous serving of meatballs in al dente pasta and spaghetti sauce. Their meatballs are juicy and perfect for the pasta. I think this one is the kind of pasta my daughter would love.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (13)Penne Roberto (Solo 320.00php | La Famiglia 590.00php)

And so I saved the best for last – Penne Roberto. Parmesan cream sauce with chicken fillet & sun dried tomatoes? Yes please! This one is the bomb! I love, love, LOVE it. As in I could eat a big plate all by myself. The tender chicken are perfect for the parmesan cream sauce. I slathered some more parmesan on this dish and I was in creamy sauce heaven. Super highly recommended to those who love their creamy pasta like me.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (16)Seafood Risotto

Seafood Risotto is one of my favorite dish. And C’Italian didn’t disappoint. Again, the freshness of the seafood is very evident and made the risotto extra yummy.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (14)Tuscan Roasted Chicken (Half 470php | Whole 890php)

Their Tuscan Roasted Chicken is marinated in extra virgin olive oil, white wine & lemon. It’s kinda new to me. I can’t quite place it. But I love the overpowering flavor. It’s a different take on our beloved roasted chicken.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (17)Angus Beef Flank Steak (1000grams 3490php | 500grams 1790php)

We also had Angus Beef Flank Steak - marinated with black pepper, rosemary & garlic, served with caramelized onion roasted potatoes, baked pumpkin slice & rapini topped with red wine reduction. The sides are cooked medium well and the center part medium rare. Look at the pinkish meat!! I love this steak so much. It’s tender and juicy and well, reasonably priced. Other steaks are so much more expensive than this.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (19)Tiramisu (210php)

For dessert we had Tiramisu. I am not really a fan of Tiramisu in general. Though this one is kinda okay for me. Not too sweet. Though when it was served to us last Father’s Day, the ReigningTatay loved it. And I was able to give it to my daughter because it’s not sweet.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (18)Lemon Cheese Cake (230php)

Their Lemon Cheese Cake though is my personal favorite. Well, I’m really the lemon cheese cake kind of girl so it’s a new brainer that I go for this one more than the Tiramisu. Love this sweet, tangy dessert so much.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (4)Italian Soda (100php)

These eye candies are Italian Soda in different flavors. This refreshing drink with a single cherry is perfect to wash down all the Italian goodness we had that night.

c-italian-dining-salcedo (15)

I must say that C’Italian was an instant favorite. I can’t stop talking about it to my friends and officemates. I’m now scheduling a lunch out with my office friends and I dragged my little family there last father’s day.

The classic and elegant ambiance plus their exceptionally good food is more than enough for me, but having a reasonable price is what made it on top of my list!
                  c-italian-dining-salcedo (1)

And hey! If you happen to drop by, look for the Zomato Foodie plate on their shelf. You’d see my blog name right there!! Nyay! Feeling celebrity.

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