Review: Oz Bar (Holiday Inn & Suites, Makati)

Review: Oz Bar (Holiday Inn and Suites, Makati)
I’ve found the perfect chillax place in Makati, ladies and gentle men. Situated at the roof deck of  Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, Oz Bar is a great place to cap off your day with a couple of cocktails to relax.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (10)
This bar is fronting the hotel’s pool with a couple of lounges for a totally relaxing view. I went there on an early afternoon and was able to see the beautiful sunset at the heart of Makati.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (9)
This bar offers live performances on certain days of the week or a cool DJ. The interior screams chillax definitely, with the plush lounge chairs and low tables. I asked if they also hosts parties and they do! So if you want to celebrate with your friends and team mates, then Oz Bar is definitely a good option.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (7)
And you’d be happy to know that Oz Bar’s yummy cocktails are on promo until the 15th of May. Buy one cocktail and get another one for free! How’s that for a deal?! This is to celebrate the 150 years of drink mixology and cocktails. This promo, dubbed as #Bar150, is super sulit especially if you just want to unwind and get a couple of drinks before heading home. This promo is world wide and can be seen on all Holiday Inn & Suites hotel all across the globe. Perfect! Although they still incorporate the true Filipino flavor on some of their drink mixes, so yeah! You’re still on familiar territories.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (11)oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (8)
I was able to try their non-alcoholic drinks (you know, I’m breastfeeding) and I loved it!
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (15)L: Carribean Sun (280php) | R: Tropical Colada (280php)
First thing I tried was their Carribean Sun – it’s a mango and banana smoothie with a little bit of this and that. I honestly can’t imagine mixing banana and mango but it works. Definitely refreshing. While the Tropical Colada is a mixture of coconut and pineapple. Another weird combination for me! You have to get used to the taste though but once your taste buds processed the whole mix up of coconut and pineapple, you’d definitely be craving for more.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (1)oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (12)
And since I wasn’t able to try their alcoholic mixes, I just took the liberty of taking pictures of the orders of my fellow foodies. Just don’t ask me which is which because I honestly don’t know. And I’m too bitter to care! Kiddin’. I quit drinking way way before I got pregnant , so yeah. These are not my thing anymore. Anyway, these alcoholic mixes ranges from 300php to 620php. Mojito and Mai Tai being the table’s favorites. And oh! I heard Whisky Sour is also good.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (13)Deep-fried Chicken Wings, Thai Spicy Sauce
And of course, no drinking session or well, chillax session, would be complete without the yummy food!! Oz Bar also offers seriously good bar snacks from 320php++. And really, they are soooo yummy. My favorite would be the deep-fried chicken wings. I can’t stop munching on them! And the Thai Spicy Sauce is just the perfect dip which gives a little kick to the already very flavorful chicken. These wings are too good to be true!
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (2)Grilled Shish Taouk, Garlic Sauce
This is probably my second favorite among their bar snacks. Perfectly grilled tender chicken richly seasoned in spices and the perfect garlic sauce. Oh! Heavenly!
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (3)Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla
This one is a table favorite. Each quesadilla is generously stuffed with chicken and cheese with tomatoes and some other spices that is just bursting with flavor. I understand why it is everyone’s favorite. The explosion of flavors playing on your mouth with every bite is just enough to ask for more.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (14)Spicy Thai Pork Meatballs
This dish is for those who loves a deep fried meatballs with the perfect sweet and spicy sauce. Another favorite. I think this one would be perfect with cocktails to balance out the alcoholic taste. Me thinks.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (5)Chicken Fingers with Chipotle Sauce
I love white meat. And this one is perfect with it’s rich coating and equally yummy sauce.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (6)
I totally forgot what they call this pizza but it was heavenly. Generous meat and cheese toppings on thin crust pizza is just plain LOVE. Just looking at it now made me crave for this.
oz-bar-holiday-inn-makati (4)
I am dragging the ReigningTatay there one of these days and my officemates too. What a perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy week or day. Best of all, it is situated at the very heart of Makati. Just a couple of blocks away from our office building.

When: 14 April 2015
Where: Oz Bar - Roof Deck Holiday Inn & Suites Makati Palm Drive, Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Contact Number: 02 2469069 ext:156
What: The perfect Chillax place to cap off your day after a busy week or day. They offer the best cocktails and bar snacks with live band on certain days of the week or a DJ.
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Summary of Review: They have alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail mixes. Good news! They have a two for one promo for their cocktails now until the 15th of May. So hurry and visit them soon to enjoy #Bar150. And while you're at it, check out their seriously yummy bar snacks.
Note: Please check out for more information about Oz Bar and some more reviews from my fellow foodies.


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