Shopping vs Reigne: February Update

I know that we are already half way thru March but I swear I haven’t forgotten about this shopping challenge.

Alright. Let me be honest with you (haha! I’m pretty sure you know what I’ll say next) – I failed this February. Hahahaha! BUT, I have a very very reasonable reason. It’s the baby’s birthday month!!! I got her clothes and shoes and stuff she needs for her birthday. We also dined out when we went shopping. But I only used her birthday money (the money I’ve been saving up for her party).

I also got myself a new phone. But I sold the old one and used the money in buying this new one. I also bought some small stuff. Cord protectors, screen protectors for the gadgets (because honestly! Skye has been scratching our gadgets like crazy!). But I kept the milk tea and expensive coffee challenge. Hahahahaha!

February is not a good month for my challenge but I’m still on it!! The good thing though, I am now much more aware of my expenses. Actually, I only half failed.

We also made renovations here at home. So yeah! I got us a new breakfast table, new sofa bed, new stream machine (so we could clean her stuff toys!). Hahahahaha! I am even planning on getting a new vacuum. Harhar! Here’s the thing, I promise to save for the vacuum this time.

Challenge still on. I just had a few hits and misses. But I honestly think that this challenge still helped a lot. Kung wala kasi to, malamang all out na all out ako sa bahay at sa birthday ng bagets.

So far, March is proving to be a whole lot better. Yay!


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