Review: Waterside Restobar (Solaire Resort & Casino)

Second stop of our Solaire x Zomato Food Crawl is Waterside Restobar, an all-day dining restaurant that serves Latin American and Mediterranean specialties.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (4)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (9)

In this resto, we we’re seated at a long table for they prepared something more heavy. Well, actually they prepared A LOT. All their best sellers I think. And when I say that they are generous, I really mean they are generous. As in big servings. Overflowing food.

Here are what we had and my thoughts on each dish.
 Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (5)Complimentary Bread

They served us with complimentary bread the moment we were seated. I took some of the dip and tried it out. I love it best with the chimichuri dip. The bread are crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. This is the perfect appetizer for it surely warm us up for the great food ahead.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (8)

First of our list is the Paella Valenciana. I am a big paella fan. My grandmother, who’s half spanish, would usually prepare paella when I was a kid. It’s my orange rice! And I love it. Waterside’s Paella Valenciana is packed with chicken, prawns, pimiento and egg. The rice was cooked to perfection. Everything blends perfectly well with each other. My taste buds were doing a happy dance because of this paella. No wonder it’s a best seller.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (7)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (6)

Plus our paellas are served on this cutie rose gold mini-caldero! I wanna put in my bag!! Too cute.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (3)

Oh the king of all the dishes. The big and yummy Surf & Turf! Hangar steak, pork back ribs, prawns and salmon – made our tummy super full and extremely happy. The hangar steak was soft and juicy. Cooked well-done, just the way I like it. What I love about this steak is that you could really taste the flavors deep within the meat. The pork back ribs are equally delicious. Super soft. As in no need to use a knife to slice it.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (18)

I am a big seafood lover so when the big prawn was served on my plate, I was so ecstatic. And as a true blue foodie, I ate my prawns using my bare hands. So I ate the head with gusto and really enjoyed the prawn meat. I love it!

But the best of them all is the salmon! You know, I am really very hard to please when it comes to salmon. I want my salmon fresh. Pinkish. And oozing with flavor. You know how typical, semi-cheap salmon taste like right? I don’t like them. I love my salmon smoked. But this time, the salmons are grilled but they were able to retain the freshness that I so love. For me, their salmon was one of the best (if not the best) I’ve tried here in the metro.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (17)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (16)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (15)

I took the liberty of taking pictures while they are prepping our Surf & Turf plates. Hihi! I can’t help it. The smell was wafting to my nose I wanna dig in right then and there. Takaw lang!

The people from Waterside Restobar also served us their, what they call – Co-Stars. Or side dishes.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (2)

I was a bit skeptical to try this Asparagus dish with lemon and goats milk because they are not your typical side salad. But it was delicious. The milk and the lemon goes perfectly well with each other. And the leaves gave that perfect crunch.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (20)

Their Crushed – scruffed carbonara potato is also something new to me but I love it nonetheless. :)

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (19)

They also have Humita – sweet corn baked in husk. The sweetness of the corn is perfect with the buttery flavor. My fellow foodies called it “Boy Bawang” because of the husk. But I think Komander Bawang would love to have this dish. It’s filling and delicious.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (1)

But for me, the star of all Co-stars is the Mango – green and yellow mango with cilantro. Y-U-M-M-Y. It taste so much like our typical fruit salad but since it’s a combination of yellow and green mango, it has that sweet and tangy taste with that milky, creamy taste. Aaaaahhh! Perfection!!!

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (12)

Waterside Restobar’s sous chef was also there to welcome us and tell more about Waterside and the dishes that they served. Such a warm welcome from Waterside.

Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (14)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (13)Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (11)

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the entire interior. But generally, this restaurant is more laid-back. With wide open-kitchens. It is located near Solaire’s gorgeous swimming pool. They also have a patio if you want an open-air dining. They have a combination of plush and wooden chairs. Gusto ko nga itiklop yung high chair where we sat eh at isilid sa bag ko. Hahahaha!
                 Waterside-Restobar-Solaire (10) 
And they have an open bar too. I see a couple of liquor and wine favorites. For sure, if the #ReigningTatay’s with me that day – his eyes would be fixed on this little corner.

We all went out a couple of pounds heavier and our belts adjusted. With a happy heart and a happy tummy. Definitely, worth visiting. I am planning to go back with my little family soon.

When: 03 March 2015
Where: WATERSIDE RESTOBAR, Solaire Resort and Casino 

What: Paella Valenciana | Surf & Turf | Asparagus | Crushed | Humita | Mango 
Rating: 5/5 Stars 
Summary of Review: More laid-back ambiance. With a beautiful view of the pool. The best Paella Valenciana and Salmon. Plus the co-stars are all yummy too. Big servings. Perfect for families and groups.


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