Review: Red Lantern (Solaire Resort & Casino)

Our next stop is Red Lantern – Solaire’s very own signature Cantonese restaurant.
Red-Lantern-Solaire (3)
The moment we entered Red Lantern, we we’re greeted immediately greeted by this huge lamps/lanterns with red mesh cover. This added grandiose to the place. A look that Solaire Resort & Casino require their restaurants, I guess.
Red-Lantern-Solaire (6)Red-Lantern-Solaire (7)Red-Lantern-Solaire (2)
The overall look of the place is a combination of red, yellow and white. They have big and small tables that aims to cater everyone – lovers on a date, family, friends or even business meetings.
Red-Lantern-Solaire (5)Red-Lantern-Solaire (4)
They have small and big function rooms too. I guess this is a favorite place for those who want to do a meeting or a small gathering. At least you’ll have some little privacy.
There are loads of paintings on the wall too. Overall, the interior of the place is something well-thought of.
So now let’s talk about the dish…
Red-Lantern-Solaire (8)
We had Wuxi Braised Ribs – Red Lantern’s anniversary special offer. It’s braised ribs cooked Chinese style. The sauce is sweet and flavorful. I love sweet dishes in general so I find this dish yummy. The ribs are soft and juicy. And the generous sauce is perfect. If only I’m not too full, I would have asked for a cup of rice or a yang chow. :)
Red-Lantern-Solaire (1)

When: 03 March 2015
Where: RED LANTERN, Solaire Resort and Casino
What: Wuxi Braised Ribs
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Summary of Review: Nice interiors. They have small and big function rooms to accommodate meetings and small gatherings. Their anniversary special promo is braised ribs that is perfect people like me who loves their dishes a bit sweet.


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