Review: Oasis Garden Cafe (Solaire Resort & Casino)

After that filling meal at Waterside Restobar, our friends from Solaire escorted us to their very own café – Oasis Garden Café, for some tea and desserts.
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Oasis Garden Café is located at the very heart of Sky Tower Atrium.
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The glass roof gave this restaurant that natural light that is perfect for tea and light snacks. The entire restaurant is surrounded by greens, blooms and the beautiful water feature. It really feels like having an afternoon tea in Oxford. Very posh.
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There are lounge chairs and sofa sets. I could really see myself having a date here. Ehem! ReigningTatay!
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And to cap it off, we saw a pianist serenading the diners. Gosh. Everything is really well-thought off. When we went here, I already felt relaxed and at ease.
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With all those beautiful interiors and over-all vibe, I was expecting an expensive spread on the menu. So imagine my shock when I saw the prices of their cakes and pastries. The prices are very competitive. Not far from the usual café we frequent. I’d say it’s affordable but I am now trying to not use that word as affordability is subjective.
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Anyway, our friends from Oasis Garden Café made us try these. And here are my thoughts on each.
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Blondies with Roasted Mango and Avocado is the first thing I tried. Glazed blondies, avocado panacotta and roasted fresh mango made this a super yummy treat. I love panacotta in general but the combination of panacotta and fresh mango gave this an oomph while the glazed blodies sure gave the crunch and added flavor.
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The Strawberry Chiffon Cake is a red velvet cake with vanilla mascaporne filling and fresh strawberries. Again, another well-thought of dessert. The fluffy red velvet cake went well with the vanilla mascaporne. While the fresh strawberries gave that distinct tangy taste with a little bit of sweetness.
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Lastly, we had Butter Scotch Macaron Cake – layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait plus roasted almonds. Among the three, this is definitely my favorite. Every bite is happiness. Every bite is love.
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Earl Grey Tea and Passion Green Tea are also present on our table. And OMG! I was definitely in tea-heaven. That’s why I mentioned earlier that Oasis Garden Café made me feel like I’m in Oxford England.
I love tea. Way before the tea craze here in the Philippines. I blame my British friends for this. I was introduced to the wonderful world of tea because of them. And I was able to taste some of the best English teas. So far, Oasis Garden Café offer the best here in Manila (well, for me at least). The Earl Grey was divine. A little strong, just the way I like it. While Passion Green Tea is everyone’s favorite because of the distinct passion fruit taste. Sweet and fruity.
I am definitely coming back. And I’d drag my friends with me too. Hello Rooksie!! Solaire got the best tea in the Metro!!!

When: 03 March 2015
Where: OASIS GARDEN CAFÉ, Solaire Resort and Casino
What: Blondies with Roasted Mango and Avocado | Strawberry Chiffon Cake | Butter Scotch Macaron Cake | Earl Grey Tea | Passion Green Tea 
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Summary of Review: Excellent pastries. The best tea in the Metro. Beautiful ambiance. Is definitely the perfect place to relax and sip some tea while catching up with your friends.


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