Review: Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

A couple of months ago, my little family plus Mama Chubby went to BGC High Street for some photography lessons to improve the blog’s photos. We had an early dinner at the resto that hosted us but all of us wants something to warm up our tummies after strolling along High Street. We chanced upon Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen and decided to give it a try.

Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (4)

Since we are still kinda full from the early dinner, we decided to just order a bowl of ramen for sharing. Which turns out to be a good decision because the big bowl of ramen is really too much for us. I totally forgot what we ordered. It was some months ago. I tried to check out their menu online but I really can’t remember what we ordered. Wanna know why? Because the ramen is just so-so. It’s not bad, but it’s not exceptionally great too. Not worth remembering.

Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (5)

Their Gyoza though is a totally different story. It was awesome. I’m not really a fan of gyoza but this one stands out. It was sooo good that we ordered another set. :) Their dip is perfect too.

Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (9) Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (8) Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (7)

Another thing I liked about this resto is their seat. It’s circular and deep. Cute cute. Btw, I put smileys on the faces of the other diners. I really want to take a photo of the seats kasi for the blog. But the resto was jam-packed. Ayoko naman na makita nila ang fez nila sa blog ko without their permission so ayan! Smileys nalang. :)

Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (6)Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (3) Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (2) Ikkoryu-Fukuoka-Ramen (1)

Overall dining experience is just okay. Will we ever come back? Probably.





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