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If you’ve been reading me for quite some time now, then you’d probably see my “fashion blogger days”. Yah know! Dressing up. Excessorizing. Heels. Tiis-ganda. Posing like crazy. Those were the days.

Now? Here’s my new fashion rule.


And yes. All elements MUST BE PRESENT. I should be comfortable, stylish and easy to slip on and off (breastfeeding yah know!). I guess, it’s every mum’s fashion guide. What excessorizing?! My daughter could eat those bangles or pull those drop earrings or eat and pull those chunky necklace. I’ve given up a lot of my fashion must haves ever since I had Skye. And one of the major element of my personal style that I’ve given up (probably forever) are my heels.

Those stilettos doesn’t fall on my new fashion rule at all! Except for style maybe. And since I’m a petite girl (4’10” only), I used to wear heels ALL THE TIME. I even used to travel wearing 5inch wedges. Ganun ko ka-love ang heels! But ever since I got pregnant – waley na! No more heels for this mum. I even gave all my heels away. :( Coz I know I can’t wear them anymore. Hello?! I have a baby! I need to be comfortable and I need to be as close to the ground as possible so I won’t tumble over while carrying the baby. Now I am in love with my fitflops. I finally understand why almost every mum I know own a pair. It’s comfy and so easy to slip on. Kelangan din kasi mabilis isuot. I usually have 5minutes tops to get dressed. Coz I have a baby to attend to. Hihihi!

But since I am now on my #balikalindog project, I realized that I have to improve my shoe closet. Eversince I gave up my collection of heels, my shoe closet looks so empty. And we all know how important shoes are. I believe that they can make or break an entire outfit. So now I am checking out some cute and comfy ballet flats from Zalora to improve my style. I saw loads actually. I could pair it with shorts, skirts, maxi dresses or pants. And most of all, I won’t have to worry na magtumbling kami mag ina.

I also realized that there are loads of stylish flats out there. Pak na pak padin for OOTD. :)



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