Shopping vs Reigne: January Update

Whoah! And so we’re done with January. It’s THAT fast. Crazy!
But but but, it’s the end of January so it’s time for my Shopping Fast January Update!

Remember earlier this year, I posted about My 2015 Challenge? Here’s the gist, I am challenging myself to do a shopping fast for the entire year. Well, until November 30, 2015 (coz I gotta do some Christmas shopping yah know). And I blogged about it to make it official. Alam nyo na, para kahiyaan nalang pag di natupad. :-P
And so how’s the challenge?! Well, I’m still on! Yay!
Actually, when the ReigningTatay learned about this challenge he told me that he’d be my tagabantay. And if I fail, isang Sebago ang katapat. Naknangtokwa. Push!!! I really need to win on this challenge kasi kahihiyan at bulsa ko ang nakataya.

Here are my purchases this month:
(1) Well, I got the baby her very own Walker earlier this month but I used her Christmas money for it. I really have no plans of buying a walker for her but I gave in when I saw her happy face upon seating on the walker. I’ll do a separate blog about it though.
(2) Next is I bought a laptop already. But I’m allowed to buy a laptop so I’m still good. I’m also very proud to tell you that I got myself a decent but cheap laptop. I really weigh my options and decided on getting the more humble purchase. I was eyeing this kinda expensive one. Okay lang din naman but it’ll be a stretch on the budget. Plus, I realized that I don’t need a touch screen laptop or an i5 processor. My office laptop is super heavy duty since I’m in IT so this laptop is gonna be used mainly for blogging, browsing and editing pictures only. And I realized that I need a lighter laptop more than anything else. So I got an 11.6” ASUS notebook. And I am loving it sooooo far.
(3) I also got myself a pocket wifi but that is planned since December prior to this challenge. But still, I decided to use my blogging money. And also got a 2nd hand pocket wifi from a fellow blogger instead of buying a new one. I reckon it’s cheaper and I was able to get a more decent brand. Openline too!
(4) Also, we were able to keep our dining out to a minimum. We only dined twice. First is a little over Php 500 and second is less than Php 500 which is not counted on my twice a month rule. Because I reckon that I could only consider it a “dining out” if our bill is more than Php 500. Coz hello?! I always need to buy food outside. So technically, I was only able to dine once this month.
(5) Had milk tea twice. So it’s either 1 expensive coffee OR 2 milk tea per month. That’s Php 200 budget for my caffeine. Although I had  a frappe yesterday but it’s FREE. Hihihi!
(6) I had 2 pretty maxi dresses this month. Both are from Mila. :) Yay for free clothes.
(7) The #FabSkye had a new pair of walking shoes from her Tatay. Yay again. And I bring out some of her clothes that are gifted to her but are kinda big a couple of months ago. Now they are perfect! New clothes!!! Happy happy me.

This month’s realizations:
(1) That I don’t need too much of everything. I was able to live with my handful of clothes and actually looked pretty. That my baby don’t need too much clothes too because she’s a baby. That I don’t need extra headbands or extra shirts or extra dresses or extra bags, just because.
(2) That I already have TOO much! Gosh! I wanna get a green bag a couple of weeks ago but then I looked at all the bags in my closet and I was like, I have this MUCH? Ang dami teh.If I  got myself another bag, where will I put it? Crazy hoarder. And then I looked at the baby’s dresser and was shocked by the fact that it’s overflowing with clothes already. As in OVERFLOWING. I had to clean up and some of her stuff to another storage box.
(3) That I can sell my and the #FabSkye’s old stuff so we could buy new ones.I told you have too much stuff and the baby too. So I did a spring cleaning and sold some more stuff. That fund would be used for new purchases.
(4) That it’s a great decision that I kept her kinda big clothes before. Now it seems like she has new ones.
(5) That a baby could mix and match too!! She does a lot of #OOTB now. But she’s still fashyown just because we mix and match her clothes.
(6) That I can actually go inside a store and see a 70% off tag and walk away. As in. When I entered F&X and saw that their baby jeans are on sale, I almost fainted. I really want to buy that soft denim jeans for Skye and now it’s only Php350. Ang muraaaaaa!! But I gathered myself and walked away. The baby don’t need extra jeans. She has loads.
(7) That I have generous friends and family. All I need is to wait for the blessings to come my way.

1 month down. 10 more months to go. Push mo yan te!!!!
Happy weekend everyone.




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