Review: Café Mary Grace (Robinsons Ermita)

December last year, the #FabSkye and I went to a friend’s store to try out their products. Papa Lolo serves as our official driver then. Good thing he’s free coz after that event, and a little photoshoot, I called my sister and my brother so we could pick them up before heading to the mall to buy the brother’s shoes. You know! Pamaskong sapatos na ubod ng mahal. Lintek na sapatos yan ng mga lalaki. Super expensive! Eh pare pareho lang naman ng itsura. Ugh!

Anyway, since we all got super tired after all the shopping we did... Believe me! It was exhausting to shop with men too. I decided to try out the restaurant highly recommended by my friend, Rooks – Café Mary Grace.

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I’ve been seeing Café Mary Grace in Robinson’s Ermita for the longest time already but I haven’t tried it ever. Because all this time I thought they only offer pastries and bread. But then my friend Rooks says that it’s her and her brother’s all time favorite restaurant.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (2)

My Papa seldom go with us to the mall. Usually, he’d just drop us off and pick us up. He doesn’t like malls at all. He never likes crowded places. So we don’t really go out as a family. Super bihira. So on those rare occasions that my Papa would go with us, I always make sure that I treat him to good restaurants.

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Café Mary Grace didn’t disappoint. I’m glad we tried it out because honestly, everything we had are just so darn good. It’s an open restaurant on Robinson Ermita’s Midtown wing. I love the notes under the table glass from customers who loves the resto. I love the chair and interior décor. The place is very homey and very nice. Even the fake flower as center piece is done with taste. It’s also so nice to see the mall’s décor as our backdrop. Very nice.

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The staff are all oh so nice too. Very helpful and very attentive. I love restos with excellent customer service. It would really make me come back. Iba kasi yung pleasant ang mga waiters. Nakakagana kumain. The food and the experience would be positive. Masaya.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (13)Dulong Pate With Melba Toast (Php 175)

This Dulong Pate was recommended by the very nice waiter of Café Mary Grace. After getting our orders and noticing that we didn’t get any appetizers, he recommended this dish and says it his favorite. I haven’t heard of Dulong but Papa knew the dish so we gave it a try. Glad we did! It’s definitely my favorite among all the dish we ordered. Ibang level. Dulong Pate is like a fish spread. I can’t explain it but it goes so darn well with the toast. I can see my Papa loved it too.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (16)Smoked Salmon and Cream (Php 290)

Cafe-Mary-Grace (1)Classic Carbonara (Php 260)

We ordered pasta dishes because the sister craves for cream-based pasta that time. We got 2 cream based pasta dishes. I really want to order a cream based pasta and tomato based sana but we end up ordering both cream based. Which I think is a good decision because we loved both. The serving is big for sharing. And hindi tinipid ang ingredients. There are considerable amounts of bacon and salmon on our dishes. Plus the pastas are creamy and really yummy.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (15)Cafe-Mary-Grace (14)Vigan Longanisa and Kesong Puti Sandwich (Php 265)

The sister also ordered a sandwich. And it was really delish. I never really liked Vigan longanisa or longanisa in general but the kesong puti complimented the longanisa well. I was amazed that I actually liked it.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (12)Toasted Ensaymada (Php 76)

I also ordered the toasted ensaymada which is highly recommended by my friend. And again, it didn’t disappoint at all. I love ensaymadas in general but this one is the best ensaymada ever, hands down! I think I could finish an entire box of this.

Papa also ordered brewed coffee for Php 80. I never thought that the dishes we ordered would be enough. Matakaw mga kapatid ko promise. But we all went home super full. Grabe! As in busog na busog. Servings kasi are big.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (4)Cafe-Mary-Grace (8)

Toto Ian and the #FabSkye.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (9)

Toto Ian, #FabSkye and Mama Chubby.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (3)

My family.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (10)

Me and my baby.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (7)

Pretty #FabSkye.

Cafe-Mary-Grace (6)

Papa Lolo and the #FabSkye.

Look at how takaw my baby is. She loves eating with Papa Lolo coz she could eat everything talaga. Gosh. I can’t believe there was a time that I thought I have a picky eater baby. Look at the #FabSkye now. So takaw. It really all boils down to how well you train your kid. And me researching and researching really helped. We do a combination of Baby Led Weaning and Tamang Kain. I’ll share tips on how to feed your child soon.

It’s a Monday. Start of the crazy week. Push!!! Start your week right my dear Reigning Readers okay. I’m sending out my love ad prayers to all of you. Mwah!





Cafe Mary Grace
Midtown Wing
Robinsons Ermita


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