Review: Adobo Connection (SM City Manila)

Another long overdue post from my “old files”.

One of ReigningTatay and I’s favorite restaurant in SM City Manila is Adobo Connection. It’s cheap. The food are yummy. The place is cozy. And they offer unlimited rice. Yey for ReigningTatay!


The ReigningTatay is a big adobo lover so it’s a no brainer that this is one of his go to place when he wants to eat his comfort food. Keri na din for me because the food is yummy nga despite it being cheap.

Here’s a collection of the food we had from our countless visits.

20130430_124306Kuya’s Fried Mix Adobo (Php 109)

This is their version of chicken and pork adobo. It’s a dry adobo, my kind of adobo actually. The meat are tender and the garlic are toasted into perfection. I love this dish.

20130430_125400Gising-gising (Php 35)

This dish is a staple on our table. A super favorite. This is always present every time we dine there. I love the gata and crunch of the veggies. And it’s subtle hint of spiciness is just perfect for any adobo dish.

20130509_190137 Adobo Flakes (Php 99)

I am a big fan of adobo flakes. My ex’s aunt cooks the yummiest adobo flakes ever! This one comes very close. Syempre mas masarap padin yung sa Tita ng ex ko but this one is really yummy too. I just hope mas tustado ang adobo flakes and a little bit more salty.

20130509_190206Lola’s Classic Mix Adobo (Php 119)

I don’t like adobo with too much sauce. Ewan ko. I want the dry one better. But this one is surprisingly good. Almost as good as Mila’s saucy adobo.

20130509_190218 Kare-Kare Gulay (Php 29) | Beef Kare-Kare Meal (Php 119)

I love Kare-Kare. And Adobo Connection’s version does not disappoint. And very cheap.

20130430124103848 20130430124113116-vert 20130430124121282 20130430124225263 20130509190022916

And finally, I love Adobo Connection’s interior. It’s so cozy. It’s warm and pretty. Plus the staff are all very nice and friendly.

Definitely, a favorite.




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