My 2015 Challenge

Every end of the year, I list down my X-point goal for the next year at the back of my new planner. So that I could be reminded of my goal all the time. I don’t publish those here in my blog because most are very personal. I was able to accomplish most on last year’s list and now I am so giddy to start working on this year’s list.

However, this year, 2 items on my list are more of a challenge. A goal to accomplish for the entire year. You see, I took a leaf out of a fellow blogger’s book and decided that this year – I challenge myself to do a shopping fast.

my 2015

Edel of Life in Manila did a shopping fast last 2014. She documents her monthly accomplishment by doing a post at the end of the month. At tutal, ginaya ko na din naman yung challenge nya, lulubusin ko na. So sis, I’d also copy your monthly reporting.

I was actually thinking if I should post this on the blog but I reckon that I should to make the challenge official. Kasi I could easily dismiss it if I didn’t broadcast it to the world. This time, since I already let you all know about it – kelangan na talaga gawin dahil puri at dangal ko na ang nakataya. Hihihi!

And para clear, like Edel’s, I’ve also set up some rules. Here they are:

1. I am not allowed to shop for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, anik anik for myself, my family and yes, even Skye.

2. Grocery and household must haves are not part of the ban. I will make a list of the important items to buy before going to the grocery and I will stick to it. No list, no grocery shopping.

3. I am allowed to buy gifts for my loved ones on special occasions like birthdays.

4. Limit dining out to twice a month. Make sure to visit new food places and look for cheaper ones.

5. I am only allowed to buy overpriced coffee OR milk tea once a month. Nae-expire din ang privilege na yun. So if I wasn’t able to buy coffee OR milk tea this month, hindi ko na pwedeng i-claim yun the next month. Forfeited na.

6. I am allowed to buy a laptop!

7. I could shop for Skye’s birthday party but I must stick to the budget. I should also prepare a list. Not on the list? Gawa gawa din ng paraan pag may time.

So there! Super perfect rules. I made sure walang loopholes. Alam nyo naman ako, reyna ng lusot. Hahahaha! So major major GOODLUCK to me. And in case you could suggest some more rules, please let me know.

Major major lifestyle change ito.  Tweet: Major major lifestyle change ito. via @reigningstill

Also, I included Skye on my Shopping Fast coz I noticed I have this tendency to over shop for that little fashionista. Yung tinipid ko during her first 6 months, binawi ko naman ng bongga. She still have a lot of clothes here. Plus magbi-birthday sya. For sure may toys and clothes na naman. Enough na yun until the year ends. She’s a baby, for crying out loud. She only need a handful.

I also included my family coz I tend to overshop for them. I am a spoiler. So I need to control that too.

Gosh!! Totoo na ituh!!!





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