Review: Kanzhu (SM City Manila)


We’ve been itching to try Kanzhu in SM City Manila ever since they opened months ago but we only got a chance one weekend after my therapy sesh for the DQT.


Once seated, we were served with these sweetened peanuts with sesame seeds – which is uber yummy. I am a sucker for nuts and this one is the best. I hope they sell this peanuts in packs. Promise I’ll buy!

KanzhuBraised Beef Noodle Soup (Php 165)

Since the major reason why we’ve been itching to try Kanzhu is becasue they promised to serve hand-pulled noodles, we gave Braised Beef Noodle Soup a try. The soup itself is yummy. The braised beef is perfect. But we didn’t really like the noodle itself. Pang instant noodle lang ata kami. Weird because that Chinese couple seated next to us is gushing over the noodles, so mukhang kami nga may problema. Balik Lucky Me nalang siguro ako. Hihi!

KanzhuChinese Olive Fried Rice (Php 200)

Sissy got the Chinese Olive Fried Rice simply because it’s a house specialty. Which is a perfect choice because it’s super yummy. :) I was a bit skeptical at first because I can’t imagine olives on my fried rice but it turned out perfect.

KanzhuDelicious Chicken with Chinese Pepper Gravy (half order, around Php 200)

Okay, we opted for the Delicious Chicken with Chinese Pepper Gravy simply because it says it’s delicious. Ang kyot no? Actually, the chicken is just okay. Yummy, yes. But not over the top yummy. But the gravy is just perfect. It simply made the dish stand out.

KanzhuShrimp Hakaw (Php 125)

And because we just have to have Hakaw if it’s on the menu, we gave Kanzhu’s hakaw a try. It’s delicious actually but Wai Ying’s Hakaw is still my our fave. Wala! Ang taas na masyado ng expectation namin sa dimsum ever since we tried Wai Ying.

Kanzhu Classic Milk Tea (Php 85) with Pearls

I also gave their milk tea a try even if Chatime is just one kembot away. Well, their milk tea is just okay. Nothing super extra ordinary pero hindi naman nakakapanghinayang.

What I love most about this resto is the nice ambiance and the nice staff. The tables are clean and orderly. there are enough space to walk around. And the staff are attentive and very nice.


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