Review: Dream Cane Juice Bar

Hello! Hello! Did you guys miss me?! I miss blogging too. It’s just that, I am super busy lately. Busy practicing my yoga positions while breastfeeding. Busy crawling and climbing everywhere  I could crawl and climb. Busy talking and laughing and smiling and EATING!! Oh how I love eating. If you want to be friends with me, just give me something to EAT please. Or DRINK! :)

So when my Nanay brought me to this cool place that serves FRESH SUGARCANE JUICE, I was soooooo happy!!!


Dream Cane Juice Bar is the newly opened store of Tita Russ, my Nanay’s friend and ex-officemate. A few weeks ago, Tita Russ was kind enough to invite me and Nanay to try out their products. :) At first, I was like “Here we go again! I’ll watch Nanay eat and just wish I’d taste whatever it is she eats thru her milk.”. BORING!!!!!

But I was sooooo ecstatic when Nanay allowed me to have a few sips of the fresh juice!! And oh my!! I love love LOVE it!! I wanna finish the entire glass actually but Nanay won’t allow me. Ugh! But I had my fair share. Hmmmm… Happy happy!!

So why did my Nanay allowed me drink it? Here’s why!


Dream Cane Juice Bar offers all-fresh, all-natural sugar cane juice. Not too sweet. Although if you find it a bit sweet, you can always dilute it with water like what my Nanay did. My pedia says I could have fresh fruit juices as long as I take it in moderation. And sugar cane juice is perfect for me.


Plus Nanay saw that it was prepared fresh and clean. Tita Russ uses a stainless, food-grade, high quality sugar cane juicer. The store is very clean and everything was prepared fresh when you order. Nanay took some pictures but it was not nice. Hihihi! So she got this photo from the official Facebook page of Dream Cane Juice Bar here. But promise, it looks as clean and as awesome in person.


You can also enjoy different flavors of sugar cane juice. Tita Russ made Nanay taste them all – Lemon Ginger, Orange, Calamansi and Buko Cane! And Nanay loves everything. Although her favorite is the Buko Cane and the Orange one. I should know, she drank them all. I had to tug on her to remind her that I want a couple of sips too.

Tita Russ was super nice because she gave some bottles of fresh sugar cane juice that Nanay refrigerate right away and drank the next day. Hahahaha! I had some too. But only too little because Nanay drank them all. And my DaddyLo and Cupcake and Toto and Mama Chubby also had their share. They all loved it. It was gone in no time. Cupcake and Daddy Lo kept on talking about how great it is for my Daddy Lo because it is very healthy.

My Nanay is very interested in this one because we are all trying to live a healthier life. We are now using all organic stuff at home so Dream Cane Juice Bar is really perfect for our household’s new peg.

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So if you happen to be on the Madaluyong area, pay Dream Cane Juice Bar a visit. They also have this promo – very like the sticker collecting peg of Starbucks. So if you happen to collect enough stickers, you can have a sugar cane juice in a mason jar. Very like the one I’m holding on the photo! :) And like their FB page too to get updated on the latest. Aside from sugarcane juice they also offer breads and lambanog and the famouse Yema Cake. Yum!


This is my very first review on the blog! And I must say that this one is really highly recommended!!





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