Happy 10th Birthday My Little Man! :)


It’s an important day for my family! :) Today is my little man’s 10 birthday!!! 10 years of happiness. 10 years of blessings.

To those of you who read my blog since forever, you’d probably know Boi. He is my, now 10 years old (woohoo!) baby brother, with cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. So he’s our little 10 year old who basically acts like a 2 month old. Hehehe! Now that Skye’s 9 months, she’s actually more mature than her Toto Boi. :-P

But it’s totally okay! Our family has long since accepted the fact that we we’re blessed with Boiboi. A boy with special conditions, special needs and that’s okay. Because no matter what, that little Boi is the love of our lives. Yes, Skye’s our newest baby but she’s not our only star. Our family was blessed to be with a boy who loves us unconditionally and who we love unconditionally. He thought us to value life and appreciate the little things. I was never a whiny parent because of him.

I am thankful that my boobs are sore and aching because that means my Skye sucks them hard, something that we need to teach Boi when he was a baby. I am thankful that my arms are sore and my hips are aching and my feet are screaming because I have an active baby, something we never experience with Boi. Pag umiiyak ang anak ko noon sa madaling araw, at gustong gusto ko na ding umiyak at sumigaw dahil sa puyat at pagod – naalala ko ang mga panahon (10yrs ago) na hindi din kami natutulog dahil nagbabantay kami ng sanggol na di marunong umiyak.

But now, our little man is showing some signs of improvement. Super nakakatawa because after all the errands we need to do in the morning (for his therapy) which lasts until past lunch time I tell you, we went to church in Baclaran and then went to the mall with my Mama, Papa, my cousin and an aunt. We had Boi use Skye’s stroller! And I’m super happy that he could now sit on a stroller!!! Ang babaw no? Nyahaha! Pero one of the reasons why we can’t bring him to the mall anymore is because he is too heavy to be carried. And he’s not comfortable on strollers before. So now that we we’re actually able to stroll around the mall for hours while he’s seated on the stroller is happiness!!

I got him some clothes yesterday too! I think nagseselos na sya kasi laging si Skye nalang ang may bagong damit. Don’t get me wrong, my love for my brother and daughter are equal. I love them both so much. But it’s difficult to buy clothes for Boi because he is now too long and too thin. :( We need to fit the clothes to see if the length and the fit are okay. Sometimes the length is perfect pero para naman syang rapper sa luwag. So yesterday, while we were fitting his clothes, I know that he is happy and excited. Like a normal boy buying his pamasko. Ang saya lang!

So for you my little man, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mimi Ate loves you soooo much. And you don’t have to worry. Us having Skye means having another one to love you. Your pamangkin loves you so much. Kahit na lagi ka nyang nagugulpi lately. Pasensya ka na. She doesn’t know that she’s hurting you. She just wants to play with you because she loves you very much. She’ll grow up with so much love for you, like the rest of us. Because you are special. Because you are our little prince. Because you are my lucky charm. And because you are, and will always be, one of my biggest blessings.

I LOVE YOU Toto BoiBoi! Stay strong. Pataba ka naman kahit konti lang so you could sit already. :) Sipagan lang natin sa therapy and Tamang KAIN, okay? :) Push natin yan! We’ll claim that by 12 years old, nakakaupo ka na. :) Para it’ll be easier for Skye to play with you.


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