#StyleFeature: Colour Blocking

I saw my office mate wearing this, and forced her to do a #StyleFeature on the blog. Hahahaha! But she doesn’t want her face on my blog so I cropped it. So yeah, dear officemate – your face is not on the blog but your stylish sense of fashion is here to stay! Harhar!


This officemate is known for her easy, no non-sense style. She follows every dress code and always make sure that she looks “office approriate”. But I won’t call her sense of style boring, because they’re not!

Take this look as an example. Perfect play of colour blocking there. :) And I love that she uses shocking pink to balance out the black, knee-length pencil skirt that would have been sooo boring. Finished it off with black belt and black watch. Just the basic accessories of every working chic. :)

And don’t you just love the shocking pink flats? It’s a Melissa flats and it’s ssooo perfect. I love that instead of playing it cool and safe by wearing black or nude shoes, she opted for another pop of colour and made it matchy matchy with her top. Genius!

Eto na mga peg ko ngayon. Simple and flashy. Just the perfect combo. :)


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