Review: Yelo A Taste of Snow (Paco, Manila)

We often see nice and upscale restaurants being featured on blogs. Tipong mga hindi mo ma-pronounce ang dish name. And of course, it’s so nice to post those yummy dishes especially since they are usually well-plated.

But once in a while you’d come across some hole-in-a-wall restaurants that offer yummy food at an affordable price. Super affordable actually!

And that’s Yelo, A Taste of Snow.

The ReigningTatay and I discovered it one night as we are looking for a place to dine. I was still pregnant then so I’m not really keen on going out.

ReigningTatay suggested the new food hub in the middle of Paco, Manila. It was a new building with a couple of small diners. And that’s when we saw Yelo, A Taste of Snow for the first time.

This is calling me the moment I enter the diner…

Di ba?! That’s their Mango Snow Ice. It’s around 70-90php only. Less than a hundred bucks for that bowl of goodness!! This is super yummy. Hindi tinipid ang manga. And the mango syrup is just perfect. Not too sweet. This my favorite.

This one is Strawberry Snow Ice with chocolate syrup. Also less than a hundred bucks. Although I prefer the mango one better, this too is a sure winner. Medyo hindi lang talaga ako mahilig sa strawberry. :) But the ReigningTatay sure do!

That’s hoe big and chunky the strawberries are. Sabi sa inyo hindi nila tinitipid eh. I mean, that price, I am expecting a meager serving of real fruit, pero hindi! They are very generous on their servings.

That day, I opted for a Ham and Egg Sandwich. I was really reserving so much space for the dessert hence the decision to order the sandwich. But boy! I’m so wrong. Coz the serving is really filling. Mabigat sa tyan infairness.

After that initial visit, suki na kami! Buong pamilya pa madalas pag kumakain kami dun. We also tried their chicken which I so love and their fries and other sandwiches. So far lahat ng na-order is masarap talaga. This one is a great find.

All of our visits are SULIT.

If you live near the Paco area, go ahead and give it a try. :)


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