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Turtle-neck Pullovers: Nautica | Bodycon Skirt: Maldita | Oxfords: Divisoria

Notice any difference? Harhar! I'm slim!

Thanks to that big stainless poste we have at our building lobby. Nyahahahaha.. I was waiting for the father earth to fetch me up when I noticed that I actually look sexeeeyy on the poste. So I did a mirror-selfie right away even if there are loads of people around me. The guards are probably laughing their pants off upon seeing me try to do the selfie. At uma-anggulo pa ko since I'm seating at kita ang aking kangaroo pouch.

So watcha think? Am I sexy or am I sexy-er! Bwahahahahaha...

On a more serious note, I am getting worried! I have lost 10kilos 2 weeks after giving birth. I honestly thought, for one moment there, that I am on the right track. That I'd be able to get back in shape in 2 months. But I'm wrong. After losing that 10kilos...yun na yun! Stuck na ang weight ko. I actually thought there's something wrong with the company weighing scale to I tried the one on Medical City pero wala! Same weight! Same numbers! Talagang di na ko pumayat. And it's been almost 6months. :(

Don't get me wrong. I know people would say that I should love this new shape because it comes with motherhood and that your shape and size shouldn't matter. Blah. Blah. Blah. But well, it does matter to me! I feel soooo heavy. And I get sad knowing that I can't wear most of my clothes. And my feet hurts. My size 4 feet can't carry this bigger frame so it hurts like hell. I can't even walk for 15minutes straight. I can't wait to reach the 6th month so I could start light exercise and light diet. The baby would start solids soon so hindi na ko masyadong maha-haggard coz she'll have another source of nourishment. Right now, I just can't go on a diet coz I'm afraid that my supply would get affected. Paano na ang chubby cheeks ng ReigningPrincess? Naku! And the ReigningDaddy would kill me if I told him that I'd go on a diet. Eh priority pa naman nya na pakainin ako ng maayos araw araw.

Haaaayy! I envy girls who could give birth and then go back to their pre-preggy body in no time and so less effort. Hay naku! Thank heavens I'm breastfeeding actually. Feeling ko kung hindi baka 3kilos lang ang nabawas sa akin. Yung weight ni Skye and yung panubigan ko.

Fellow mums, tips naman dyan! I don't want people to think that I am not taking care of my body anymore. I wanna be a sexy mum! :)



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