Review: Boy Golden (MMFF 2013)

It’s MMFF time once again. :) You know, I really try to watch as much MMFF movies as I can every year. Ang saya lang kasi to compare the different films and the different genres they offer.

This year, my Christmas Day film is none other than Boy Golden: Shoot To Kill. Eh paano ba naman kasama ko dalawang golden boys – my brother Ian and The Companion. So our options are either 10,000 hrs or Boy Golden. But after watching the trailer, they opted for the latter.

So how was it?!

It was really awesome!!!!

I’m not a fan of KC Concepcion but she’s extremely good in this film!! Her action scenes are just wonderfully executed and I never thought KC could actually pull it off but she delivered with flying colors. And she’s really very pretty in this film. Those sexy red lips she’s rocking on the entire film just made her extremely sultry. At ang sexy nya. Cleavage all over. After the film, sabi ni Companion, crush na daw nya si KC kasi ang laki ng boobs at ang galing sa action. Walanjo!

But anyway, with or without the cleavage, I think KC is a very strong contender for that Best Actress trophy. I think she shines in this film. Galing talaga!

Aside from KC Concepcion’s stunning performance, the rest of the casts are just superb. John Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Gloria Sevilla – all deserves a standing ovation. Of course ER Ejercito is a a great actor. Probably because the roles he portrays just suits him well. Alam mo yung astig na parang may sapak?! Ganun!! Bagay sa kanya. But in this film, every character, parang lahat may sapak. Kaya ang galing lang. You really need to be great actor to deliver such.

The storyline is also great. I think it was well directed. Unlike El Presidente na parang may off scenes, here everything is just right. And they incorporated just the right amount of comedy. Comedy na nakakapraning. Bagay na bagay sa “Buhay Gangster” which is the main theme of the movie.

One thing I didn’t like though is the way they “edited” ER Ejercito’s face. Alam mo yung parang na airbrush yung mukha nya in their lame attempt to make him look younger? Ganun eh! Ang off! Di ko feel. Hahahaha!

But all in all it was superb. No wonder it was Graded A. They deserve it.

So if you wanna catch an MMFF film with the boyfriend or some boy friends, this is a great choice. You’d surely enjoy it!




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