#StyleFeature: Dhaye

I know that majority of my readers here are not pregnant. So most of you are probably sick of seeing my baby bump and is thinking of leaving me until I pop. Ano nga naman mapapala nyo diba? And so I thought of something to make your visit here worthwhile. :-P

While I am doing all this maternity fashion posts, I bullied some friends to pose for me for an OOTD to be featured in this blog! Oh ha! So that you can still get something from here. Fashion ideas and the like. I also think this one is better because I’d be featuring other people with different body types. Atleast you’d get an idea which items are good for your body type. Hindi naman yung puro pang chubby lang ang fashion tips na napapala nyo for me.

So for our Pilot Episode, please welcome, my first victim – DHAYE!!!!

She’s a fashionista officemate. A Forever 21 addict. A certified shoppingera – be it online or malls. And a cheerful girl who can pull off an outfit and look all happy despite the overflowing workloads. I think we share the same matra. Ma-haggard na silang lahat wag lang kami!! Nyahahahaha!

Dhaye is a petite girl. Really thin even though she eats a lot! I know! Unfair!!!! But what I like most about her fashion style is that she doesn’t look stick thin. I hate it when girls with model-like features would wear items that makes them look like a ruler or a bamboo. I want curves on girls, thank you very much!

Take this look for example.

It’s a black and white ensemble. Black usually makes one look thinner but thanks to her play of prints and lines and the scarf – she looks effortlessly chic and sexy. And the maxi skirt actually made her look taller! Promise she’s petite!! She’s teeny tiny but this outfit made her look tall and surely made her legs longer. Ganda diba?!

She wore it on a Friday at work. And even if it’s sleeveless, she was able to pull it off because of the scarf.

I also love the fact that she kept her accessories to a minimum and made her skirt the focal point of her entire look. Those prints are gorgeous actually so sya talaga ang Star!

This is great for a Friday night off with officemates and is a perfect example of a day to night look.

Black Tank Top: Forever 21 | Maxi Skirt: Vetus Shop | Belt and Infinity Scarf: Mango Barcelona | Rose Gold Watch: Xoxo

Thanks again Dhaye for being the first ever victim of #StyleFeature. Next time ulit!!!! :)

And I hope you guys had fun and enjoyed this new segment on the blog. I’d try to bully the others. Maybe I could even feature some guy friends for OOTD so watch out for that.

How’s your weekend guys?! I just came home from an event that I’ll be posting soon. It’s for the little peanut so to my fellow pregnant ladies out there, watch out for that.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!





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