#Shopaholic: Gold Sneakers from Bench

The sissy went home one night with a Bench Betweeners paperbag in tow. She then giddily showed me what’s inside the paperbag and I was so happy when I saw the gold sneakers!! GOLD SNEAKERS!!! Is there anything cuter than that??
Php 475.00 (Original Price 799.00)
The best part is she got it on sale! I think the sister’s getting the hang of my being fashyown and smart shopingera. Great job sissy! Great job! #cyberhug
And oh!! Love it even more coz it’s on size 34!! Well, I’m a size 3 girl but size 34 or 4 is good enough. I know! Such teeny tiny feet I got. And this has caused me too much headache I’m telling you. But I’m glad that store nowadays offer size 4 shoes. Sana lang dumami sila. :)
The moment I saw this sneakers, my mind immediately played dress-up as if on queue. I can only think of the gazillion outfits I can come up with. And since it’s gold, I know it’ll instantly glam up my look. Perfect baby. Perfect.
How are you guys? Still nursing the tummy ache but I am better now. Praying for my speedy recovery. I hope you’d include me on your prayers as well.
Have a great week ahead guys.


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