Review: Café France (Again)

The lunch buddies and I paid Café France a visit once again. We enjoyed our first visit so much that we vowed to make a come back despite it being a little far from our office.

Seafood Soup Linguine (Php 95.00)
I had this soup on my first visit and I loved it. So I made sure that it’s present on the table on my return. This soup didn’t disappoint. It still is the yummy, flavorful Seafood Soup Linguine that I fall in love with. I had it for sharing with my friend Rooksie because it’s kinda heavy.
Roasted Chicken With Macaroni Salad (Php 185.00 for ala carte)
I also got their Roasted Chicken With Macaroni Salad. You see, I hate chicken legs. As in really really hate it. I’m a fan of white meat you see so I find chicken legs weird. I totally forgot to tell the Café France people that I can eat any chicken except legs so when it was served, I asked if they could replace it. But to my dismay, they only have chicken legs available! I can’t return it coz it’s totally my fault I ordered it without even asking. So I had to endure eating chicken legs which made my tummy wonky. I was having morning sickness then so I literally throw up. But don’t get me wrong. The chicken is good. The macaroni salad, I love. But I really don’t like chicken legs! :(

Hickory Baby Back Ribs With Potato Salad (Php 240.00 for ala carte)

And because I didn’t like my meal, my super nice friend gave me a piece of his meal. This I super love!! The baby back ribs are so soft and tender and flavorful. It was really nicely done and I love that it’s not too sweet or too spicy like the typical baby back ribs. Alam mo yung parang default na lasa ng mga baby back ribs? Barbeque something. I don’t like that! But Café France’s version is good. This one is a must-try.

This is a friend’s order. Which I totally don’t know! Hahahaha! I just took a photo before allowing her to eat it without even asking what it is. #effifientblogger

Can’t say anything about it because I didn’t try it but it sure looks yummy!! I think I should try their sandwiches next time.

Cream Puffs (FREE for every Php 500.00 purchase)

We got free cream puffs!! Hooray! And we so love their cream puffs!! It’s not too sweet and I love the caramelized toppings. It was really really good. I am not a fan of cream puffs actually. The only ones I loved are those I had on my bestfriend’s wedding c/o their caterer and this one!! Super yummy! Is Chewy Junior a cream puff? If so, then add that to my list. But those simple cream puffs, most are not yummy. They taste bland! Bleh! But this one is really good. The cream fillings are just heaven. Really so much like the one’s on the best friend’s wedding!!! Love it to bitsssss!!





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