It's a Hat Day!

I’m on house arrest. Labuyo is invading the Philippines and we are left with heavy rains and some flood. Though I could see the sun slowly waving hello as I type this blog entry. Sana tuloy-tuloy na!
Allow me to continue on my reminiscing moments. Smile I think I’m already a few weeks pregnant when I wore this outfit.
You see, I am not a hat person. I have this small mickey mouse ears that’s just so annoying so I can’t wear hats. But thankfully, I was able to hide my mickey mouse ears on this specific hat. How, you’d ask? I also don’t know. Nyahahaha!

This is probably one of my fave outfits. Simple pero rock sabi nga nila. And I so so so love my lola shirts. Their versatility is endless! Ang saya lang!

I miss wearing my shorty shorts already. Iba lang sya talaga eh. Smile I mean, wearing shorts and lose top has been my go-to look and now I can’t fit on most of my shorts. I honestly think I should try and buy some maternity wear. I’ll be leaving for Palawan this coming Wednesday and packing has proven to be a tedious task. And hirap lang mag-pack lalo na kung wala ka naman ma-pack. Nyahahahahaha!
Stay safe everyone. As for me, I’d go back to bed. I was supposed to visit my doctor today but I can’t leave the house. So I just called her. Thank God for nice OBGYN. Willing to do checkups via phone. Hahahahaha!


P.S.: I just got my lab test results and reported the results to my OB. Kaya pwede na via phone patch. All lab tests naman daw are okay. Thank God! My baby is all well and ready to travel! Yehey!


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