Fibr: Home’s Most Powerful Broadband


Have you seen the latest Fibr commercial??

So astig right?!!

I’ve always wanted a Fibr connection at home eversince I heard my favorite radio DJs (RXTMR) rave about it. Being a blogger, an IT specialist and a social media addict – I am so attached to my internet connection I consider it a necessity! Well, who doesn’t in this time and age right?! Remember that time I had an issue with my previous internet provider? Haggard sobra!!! So glad that I am now with PLDT. Been with them for a year and so far, no hassle!

I love my PLDT DSL connection but imagine the endless things I could do if I’m have Fibr at home now?! The odds are definitely gonna be in my favor!!!

(1) I could browse multiple websites all at once!! And not just me – the whole family’s gonna go wild! The brother could watch all these videos on you tube teenagers nowadays are so addicted with while the sister could do video streaming all day and Mila can Facebook away and the Father could watch his national geographic thingy videos while Skyping with his brothers abroad WITHOUT BUFFER!!! And I won’t have to ask them to stop video streaming while I upload the photos on this blog. Honestly, I wanna disconnect them all coz uploading photos for the blog are taking too long if you have an entire family who owns a gadget or two, each! We could do our things all the same time.

(2) We could stream hundreds of blockbuster movies on-demand from Clickplay! Imagine that? Now that I am pregnant and money is already becoming an issue, The Companion and I could do our movie dates at home. Tipid na, ang dami pang choices!!! Pwede din na I’d watch chick flick while the companion watch whatever it is he wants! Hahahaha!

(3) We could also watch Cignal Digital TV Channels. And you all know that Cignal Digital TV are so clear right?! Mila would definitely enjoy this one. She owns the television on our home. Except on those days where there’s a boxing match coz you can’t switch channels if the father is home. Come to think of it, the father can actually just watch the match via online live streaming and leave the television to Mila! Coz I’m honestly thinking of getting another telly for Mila everytime she’d whine that she’d again miss a TV show because Father Earth would take ownership of the remote control on a Donaire fight.

What a perfect life right?!! And I can blog, upload photos, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet all I want! :)

Fibr is now available in over 800 fiber-powered villages nationwide! Go visit or call 101-FIBR (3427) for more details!


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