Review: Pudding Republiq

I’m so giddy to share with you guys my latest food discovery - PUDDING REPUBLIQ!!!

I saw their pink and purple purple booth upon entering the Padre Faura Wing of Robinson’s Ermita. It was beside the Eng Bee Tin booth. I noticed it because of the cute décor and because I know that it’s new. I frequent Robinson’s Ermita, just so you know. And I know it like the back of my hands.

Anyway, I approached the Pudding Republiq booth to look at what they offer. But upon seeing that each pudding cup costs Php 70.00, I was taken aback! Ang mahal naman ata nun for a pudding. But the girl manning the booth approached us and told us they offer free taste of the pudding, so I tried it and boy! It was so good, I was blown away. I immediately got a box of 4!

(Box of 4 in Nutella, Banana Caramel, Toblerone and Yema Pastillas toppings – Php 275.00)

When the lady asked me to try the Classic Pudding, I was already sold. I mean, it was the yummiest pudding I’ve ever had. Sad to say though they don’t have free taste of the one’s with toppings pero hello?! How can you go wrong with Nutella or Toblerone??!!

I had the box of 4 as pasalubong for Mila. So sorry kung walang close up shot of the Puddings. Alam nyo na what happened. The moment Mila saw the box, she immediately munch on the Pudding with Toblerone toppings!! I had to rush on her so I could atleast have a spoon or two. Kundi kwento nalang ang aabutan ko!!

So how was it you say? IT WAS ADDICTING!!! I mean, I told you that the classic one is already so yummy, but to top it with marshmallows and toblerone is beyond heaven. Every bite it goodness overload. It took all my love for the little peanut to just have a spoon of each flavor. FYI, I am TRYING not to munch on too much sweets because I want my peanut to be healthy and because I don’t want to put on so much weight coz it’ll be harder to shed them off.

All 4 flavors I got are so yummy! I can feel that it’ll be the next Cronuts or Milk Tea sensation. Ganung levels ng ka-adikan talaga sya. Even Mila was beyond belief. Eto na daw ang gusto nyang pasalubong ko lagi. Wow! :)

So anyway, I don’t know if they have any other branches but if you happen to drop by Robinson’s Ermita, be sure to give their booth a visit.

And since I wasn’t able to take a decent photo of my box of pudding, please feast on these photos I took on their booth. I asked the lady if I can take some shots for ze blog and she happily agreed. Thank you so much!!!

Told you!! They are heaven!!!




Pudding Republiq

Tel:. (+63917) 515 3484





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