Maternity DIY

I’m actually wearing Mila’s duster here. :) Yep! You read that right. This is Mila’s simple and not to mention very cheap DUSTER. She uses this one as her sleepwear. I stole it from her closet because I liked the print and I know I could do something about it to make it look like a million bucks. And I have to say that this dress is soooo comfy!! :)

So what I did was wear a slim silver belt just above my baby bump (also known as my waistline these days). And voila! It now actually looked like a maternity dress! Even Mila didn’t recognize it at first. Nyahahahaha..

I paired it with my overused silver sandals to make it look dressier and off to the mall I go! And I could wear this at work too! YES! *fist pump*

Some accessories could do the trick here. Hmmm.. I think I need to raid Mila’s closet more. I did found a couple of leggings I could use. I’m still on a fashion shopping ban (a self imposed one) so this Momma has to be extremely creative and resourceful. Hihihihi…

Mila’s Duster | Slim Silver Belt: G. Gozum | Silver Sandals: Payless

And so these are my boys! The Companion and The Brother gamely posed for a #OOTD in the middle of the mall because this pregnant lady wants her #OOTD taken at all cost. Para daw may karamay ako sa kahihiyan.

All together now…







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