Team Lunch at Banana Leaf

Last Tuesday, the boss invited us to a team lunch out to celebrate the wonderful year that was 2013. I know you’d all go, “but it’s only September!”. Don’t fret guys, our company fiscal year starts on September so at my place of work, it’s already 2014! Yay! How time flies!

And so off we all go to Banana Leaf in Greenbelt 3!!

You see, I am a big Banana Leaf fan. I love their Nasi Goreng so much and the curry too. Yay! I was so happy when the boss said that we’ll dine there. But I guess mas happy yung team mates ko. Coz 5 minutes after the email was sent, meron na silang list of orders. Efficient!

All the boss had to do was choose which one to order. Coz it looks like, we’re all so excited we gave the boss a long list. Tapos puro ulam! And mga 3 types of curry. Nakakaloka! Good thing though that list was arranged according to priority. So the process of elimination was easier. Sabi sa inyo, EFFICIENT ang team mates ko!!

So here’s what we had, I hope I labeled it right coz I’ll just refer to the list my team gave. Too lazy to google Banana Leaf’s menu for confirmation and since it was the boss’ treat, I don’t have the receipt. Just allow me to make some comments here and there…

Royal Thai Style Deep Fried Beancurd with Crabmeat

Yan sure ako na beancurd. I love that one! Pinky swear. It’s crunchy and you can really taste the crabmeat. The sauce tastes like Jufran Sweet Chili and I love it. Perfect. This my new fave!

Stir Fried Prawn in Singaporean Chili Sauce

Well I’d be a bit biased on this dish coz anything that has shrimp/prawn in it is a huge hit for me. I just love shrimps!! But I must say that the Singaporean Chili Sauce is something. I liked it. Sweet and a bit spicy. Just the way I like it!

Malayan Chicken Curry With Potatoes

I think it’s the curry that made it. The others were eliminated. Of course the curry is yummers. But that day, I guess the little one is not so giddy for the curry. I just had a scoop of this.

Wok Fried Squid with Basil Leaves and Chili

Okay. This one I didn’t like. The thing with squid is that you have to cook them to perfection. How you do it? I don’t have any idea but you just have to do it perfectly. Most of the time, squid would end up rubbery and that’s what happened here. Too rubbery. Didn’t enjoy it much. Pero naubos padin yan! Baka sila natuwa naman. :)

Okay. These are the noodles that we had. One of them is Pad Thai and the other, I don’t know what. Now, don’t ask me which one is the Pad Thai because I also don’t know. Nyahahahahaha! Didn’t try both though. No idea what it taste like.

And of course, we paired everything with a plain rice. Kaya lang the Nasi Goreng was ditched. Na-sad ako ng very very slight pero okay lang. Mababa kasi ang priority nya dun sa listahan eh. Hahahahahaha! :)

All in all it was a great lunch. We ended it with a scoop of gelato from Gelatissimo. Happy tummy. Happy baby. I even had the energy to work work work. Yey!

My family. :) All happy and set to munch on the feast pero pinigilan ko for the photo op!

Glad I’m working with this bunch. I’m crappy lately and moody and nasty (especially in the morning) but they are very understanding and sweet. They would always make sure that I am not hungry. Would pick up the things I’d drop because I have a huge belly already. Would give in to my cravings and would join me on the food trips. How lucky can I be? Oh! And I got a boss who’s equally understanding and sweet. He won’t stress me out on the deadlines and would let me do things my way. They made my pregnancy loads easy!!!

I am one lucky momma I tell you.




P.S.: Garry!! Bumping this post up for you! Ayan huh. Nagblog na ko!!!!



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