Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #101 (Soft Pink)

Part of the lipstick stash that Arlene gave me was the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in #101 (Soft Pink). She knew my dilemma in finding the perfect pink lipstick for moi. You see, I am morena, and proud if I may add! But i really want a decent pink lipstick. Pero ayoko naman magmukhang Nicki Minaj ang levels. I wanna be Barbie.

So when Arlene gave me this lippie, I was so so happy! I love that it's pink but not too pink. It's more of a nude pink lippie. Perfect for that soft look that you're aiming for. I also love it with smokey eyes because it just balance out the entire look.

I would usually wear this pink lippy when I'm wearing loud outfit. Loud color or too much accessories. Or sometimes, if bet ko ang Maria Clara look for that day like here...

Eversince I got pregnant, this has been one of my go to lippies. I always always bring it with me. Being pregnant tends to make one look overwhelming. The baby bump itself is just overwhelming so a soft pink lipstick is really perfect to achieve that pregnancy glow. It's very difficult, I tell you! Been catching that pregnancy glow for months now to no avail. But someday, one day, I will. I am actually getting there. I'm claiming it!

So if you're a morena like me and is looking for a soft pink lippie to bring out that Maria Clara peg, go for Rimmel by Kate Moss. It's moisturizing enough and does not chap one's lips. And it actually is lasting finish. Can’t believe that it stays on my lips for hours! HOURS! And it just gave me that soft pretty lips that I so love.

And oh! Thank you Arlene! Buti nalang di bagay sayo to. I love it!!!




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