Review: Diode Laser Hair Removal by Skin Station

Last December 2012, Skin Station had a promo – Unlimited Diode Laser Hair Removal for a year for only Php3500! Of course, I grabbed it like my life depends on it but allow me to share with you first the reasons why I did.

First and foremost, I don’t know how to shave my kili-kili. I swear! I’d always get scratches and sugat everytime I do. Actually, I used to have it waxed but then I got tamad so I tried shaving my pits. To make the long story short, it only made  my kili kili dark and mahapdi coz of the sugat. So back to waxing ang lola nyo. My issues with waxing though is that you have to wait for your hair to grow before they could wax it. So there are days when I have to endure hairy underarms. Plus I’m only hiyang with warm wax. Those cold wax that Lay Bare offer is so not for me. Tried it and end up having wax burns. Noticed that I am slowly having dark underarms which is like a major no-no! Hindi ko carry yung brown out ang peg ng kili kili ko. Hindi talaga!!

And so I tried those Laser Hair Removal promo vouchers from DealGrocer and Metrodeal. Got 6 sessions ata. Php300 per session. Pero waley! Hindi naman nawawala yung hair. I felt robbed! And worst is that my underarms got darker pa because you are not allowed to wax while on treatment. Shaving only. After a couple of sessions na waley effect, tinigil ko na ang kalokohan. So guys, wag na kayo papatol dun sa mga andun! Kalokohan yun! As in no improvement whatsoever! WALA!

Thank heavens, my officemate recommended Skin Station. When she told me she had her underarms laser’d, I told her my experience on the promo voucher. She said that those are not really effective since they are cheap. Sabi naman kasi sa voucher original price is Php1500 per session. Kaloka! She told me her experience with Skin Station, as in super effective daw and now she doesn’t worry about underarm hairs anymore coz its all smooth like a baby’s. In short, I was convinced.


Here’s my take on it:

(1) It’s so fast and comfortable. No pain. Just make sure that you haven’t waxed when you go there. And then they’ll shave very carefully the remaining hair and laser it. The actual procedure is painless. You’ll just feel a little pitik but that’s it. Plus its super fast. I had my first session during my merienda break. Saya lang!

(2) After the first session, you’d really notice a huge difference on the underarms. The hair will grow for about half centimeter but you can easily chuck it out using you fingers. Sometimes, you don’t even have to remove it coz it falls off when you shower. After the first session, I never felt the need for a wax. And I am confident in wearing sleeveless shirt all the time coz most of my hair is gone. They are some that’ll grow but they are already thin and almost unnoticeable.
(3) Second session is much better. Almost balahibong pusa na lang yung hair ko. I have never felt more confident in my entire life. I don’t have to worry if there are tumutubong hair when I raise my hand as in nada.

(4) The next sessions, I noticed that the chicken skin have lessened. I am starting to have smooth underarms already. And as I’ve told you, I never worry about my underarm hair anymore.

I super kaduper love it! I swear. And the staff are all nice. But you have to make sure to call the SkinStation branch where you want to have it done for a schedule. Usually, they are jammed so para walang waiting time.

Kaso now that I’m pregnant I had to have my voucher freezed. Lasers are not recommended for pregnant women so hinto na ang laser ko. But what I liked most is that manipis na nga yung hair ko. Kaso super humaba na sya. :( But I didn’t do anything on it for almost 3 months! I was supposed to have my session last July kaso nga suspected preggy na ko so we didn’t push thru with it and I just shaved my pits last week while I’m El Nido. Mahaba na nga kasi but the strands are still thin.

Pero eto talaga ang nagpa-cartwheel sa akinBAKIT AYAW AKO I-WAX NG MGA WAXING SALON JUST BECAUSE I’M PREGNANT??! Bakit mga ate? Bakit? Pag buntis wala ng karapatan sa smooth underarms ganon? Antayin nalang namin syang umitim because of the hormones? Wala na kaming karapatan para magkaron ng makinis at hairless kili kili? Wala?!! Wala?!!

Just in case you know any salon that’s willing to do my pits please tell me naman guys. I can’t wax my underarms at home kasi I don’t know how. And I hate shaving nga. I effin’ hate shaving. Please please please help me!

Anyway, I really recommend SkinStation for Laser Hair Removal. I think they have a promo now. 18months unli laser for Php5000 only. Go na mga girls! Super worth it! And ang saya ng buhay ng walang buhok sa kili kili promise!!!

P.S.: I’m on house arrest. I hope the rain would stop soon. Ayoko na ng ulan please!! And be safe guys ah! Don’t try to leave your house if di naman importante. Stay at home. Itigil ang gimik! Although I think my baby loves the bed weather. Maghapon kami tulog eh! And wait for my vacay posts ah! I am so excited to blog about it. :)

Update: Since I always get inquiries about this post here are some FAQs and my answers:
  • Is it normal na may tumubo after the first session? Yes. I blogged about MY experience. I am one of the few na may obvious na effect agad on the first session. Sabi sa Skin Station usually daw talaga 2nd-3rd session pa as in may obvious na effect usually. Pero kasi, same kami ng experience ng friend ko na nag recommend sa akin at sa bestfriend ko. Pero kasi hindi naman ganun kakapal ang strands ng hair namin. Although sa una talaga tutubo sya pero may shedding na. As in madali mo ng mabubunot ang hairs.
  • Pano mag-avail ng promos? Visit their site here. Or visit one of their branches. Usually andun lahat ng mga promos nila. Take note that my 3500php One Year Unlimited was only a PROMO. Di sya regular price.
  • How many sessions ang One Year Unlimited? I had a total of 9 sessions. First 4 was pre-pregnancy tapos when my daughter turned 1 year old (coz I’m breastfeeding), pinagpatuloy ko. I have been hairless for 3 years now. Kasi for me, after nung 4th session ko and even while pregnant and after birth, wala padin akong masyadong buhok. Meron pero pakonti-konti lang talaga. And manipis. I would usually pluck it lang. Mga once every 3 months pag mahaba na.
  • Kelan mawawala ang hair? They say that all you need is 8-10 sessions na every 6 weeks tapos nun kahit once a year nalang. Pero ako, hindi pa ko bumabalik after my 9 sessions kasi nga I’m still hairless. Although napapansin ko na medyo may hair na ulit. Manipis padin sobra. I think I need at least a booster sometime soon.
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