Bagyong Maring + Habagat = BAHA

How are you guys? I hope you and your families are all safe! It’s still raining as I type this blog post and I am still super worried. Our house was flooded earlier today. Noticed that this one is much worst than the Habagat tragedy last year. Mas mataas yung tubig. I’m just thankful that it’s not as bad as Ondoy’s. And that we have a second floor now.

First and foremost, allow me to share with you the following Emergency Hotlines that I found on the net…

Screenshot nyo na din like what I did. Or write it down somewhere. It’s best to have this kind of info available just in case you need them. And please wag matigas ang ulo. If you are asked to leave your house, LEAVE AT ONCE! Lock your house and leave immediately. If you can try to lift some of your stuff to a much higher place on the house then do so but please, your lives are more important than your properties. I know that those are from your hard earned money but your life and those of your family are much more important. Wag na pasaway. Take note, most of the rescuers are also volunteers. With families that love them and want them to be safe as well. They are already risking their lives to save yours so WAG NG PASAWAY! Please! And try to assess the situation. It is best to be updated. Watch the news. Look outside. Ask for info from your kapitbahays. And call for help at once. We all want to minimize the casualties and we must help the government and the volunteers.

I am just so glad that my whole family is home and safe. Last Sunday night, my sister was stranded in Cavite. Ang lola nyo kasi ang tigas ng ulo. Last Sunday, despite the heavy rain, she still went to her friend’s place to attend a party. Ayun! Inabot ng malakas na buhos na ulan at baha sa Cavite. Imagine? We were all worried. Hearing all those news about the flooded areas in Cavite. Thank God her friend’s place is high naman. Flooded lang daw sa labas but the house is not. But still. The fact that she’s not home with us still bothers me. Ayun pag uwi nya pinagalitan ko ng bongga!

You guys should always bear in mind that your safety should always be a priority. I know that sometimes I am OA na when it comes to this stuff but can you blame me? We have experienced loads of baha already and most of the time, it happens on the most unforeseen circumstances. Kaya ako, if its raining real hard, I’d go to twitter and check for updates. If I’m home, I wouldn’t risk leaving the house. If I’m not, I’d check first if its safe to travel back home. Mahirap mastranded sa kalsada. Mahirap lumusong sa baha. I have a friend na nalaglag sa manhole. Thank God she’s using a huge backpack. Kumalang yung backpack sa manhole kaya di sya tuloy tuloy na nalaglag. Now, we laugh about the incident pero aminin nyo – SCARY yun! Malamang kasi sa Manila Bay na sya pupulutin. And for those gimikeras out there, naman! Makakagimik pa kayo next time. Wag naman atat! That’s what I told my sister. Sabi nya, her friend invited her daw kasi. Eh ano naman ngayon? Mapopostpone ba ang party pag di sya umattend?? Life and death situation ba yun? Alam ng ilang araw ng umuulan, pupunta pa ng Cavite? Kaloka diba? I hope she’d learn her lesson now.

Anyway, going thru my social networking timelines – I saw the picture above! Yep! That’s none other than Mr. Dick Gordon. Present na naman sa sakuna with his reliable amphibian vehicle of Red Cross! I so love this man. Sayang he didn’t make it as Senator. He would have done a lot of good in the country. Pero naloloka ako coz even though he’s not in the position, he’s still helping out. And Red Cross has never been this active.  Anyway, if you want to help out Red Cross, you may contact them on the contact numbers listed above.

To help the victims of MaringPH, donate to Red Cross:

For SMART, text RED <10,25,50 or 100> and send to 4143

For GLOBE, text RED <5,25,50,100 or 300> and send to 2899

Despite the heavy downpour and all this tragedy, I love that we Filipinos are always so positive. Post like the one above are everywhere on my timeline. You’d also see people helping out. Spreading info. Posting donation information. You can even see things like these…

And these…

Hahahahahahaha!!! Sabi nga nila, ang mga nagtatrabaho daw, IMMORTAL sa mga ganitong panahon. Wala nga naman kasing suspension of work. Classes lang ang nasususpend mga ate! Pero ako, TAO ako! Nyahahaha.. Hindi ako IMMORTAL. Sorry pero I won’t risk it. Specially since I’m pregnant pa. Double no way! Though I’m glad I have Bosses who are so thoughtful and has always made me feel that my safety is their top priority. That we should always assess the situation well. Alam nyang hindi ako IMMORTAL.

Ending this post with a prayer that the rain would soon stop and the sun would soon dry up our lands.

Stay safe everyone!

Much love,



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