Review: Fast and Furious 6 (2013)


I initially planned to watch this film on my birthday before the staycation. But we ran out of time coz my APE ends kinda late. We only had time for lunch before we head to the hotel.

And so when the companion asked me to watch it last night, even if I know its payday weekend, I gave in. :) And as expected, even if its already on its 2nd week, the cinemas are all jam-packed. There has been loads of hype for this film so I was really excited.

I’ve watched all Fast and Furious films. I am a sucker for cars and motorcycles so this specific franchise really interests me. Even way back on those days when I don’t really appreciate movies.

And this film truly delivers. Everything I expected is here. It’s an action-packed film full of car chase scenes, wonderful car maneuvers, heavy fight scenes and loads of comedy.

I just have to say its awesome because of the wonderfully executed stunts and heart-thumping scenes. It’s just waaaaayy awesome.

But I just have to mention one thing, there’s a scene in this film where the villain had a talk with Toretto. He said that every man should have a code to live by, his is PRECISION while Toretto’s is FAMILY. Initiating that Toretto’s code made him very predictable.

That scene made me think of my own code. I mean, in this life, we all live for something. Something we value, something we love, something important. And so what’s mine?

Probably its gonna be TODAY. I live for today. I live my life for today. Yesterday is done. Tomorrow is whole new chapter. I live for today and so I live my life to the fullest. And I am happy.

It’s a movie you shouldn’t miss if you love hard core action and race cars.




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