Wet n’ Wild Megashield Lip Color in Peachy Keen SPF15 (Nude Lipstick)

These babies came all the way from the US last week and I am so so happy!

Len told me that MAC is on sale so I had her buy me my favorite Ruby Woo but when my Ruby Woo arrived, a nude lippy was in tow. Kaya love na love ko yung friend ko eh! May freebies pa!

She says she didn’t like the color of this lipstick on her skin tone as it leaves a little orangey effect and has too much sheen. Len has fair skin and lipsticks with orange undertone doesn’t suit her. So she sent it to me.

You be the judge!

This lipstick is nude with a little peachy tone. It’s more nude than peach actually so I’m wondering why it was named as such. This for me is a perfect nude lipstick for morenas like me. It has a bit of frostiness or sheer in it but not too much. I guess the sheer is more visible if you have fair skin. I actually like it for giving me that Maria Clara peg. I never thought I could ever carry a nude lipstick, it has been my dream for the longest time but every time I try one, I always look sick and too pale so I am very happy that Len found this shade for me.

It’s also highly pigmented but the frost tend to highlight chapped/dry lips so make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying this. I also don’t think it’s a moisturizing lipstick so make sure you apply lip balms before hand. But I like that it has SPF15 coz we all want a little protection on our dear lippies right?

I highly recommend this baby on morenas looking for the perfect nude lippy.





P.S.: I don’t do make up swatches coz I’m no make up expert and I don’t really get them!! Nyahahaha.. The colors looks so different on swatches anyway. So I tend to put them on my lips. Take note also that lipsticks would look really different on each person. Note that I am morena so most of my reviews are for morenas like me.


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