The Iron Lady


Here’s what I wore during our Iron Man 3 date at iMax. Watched the film with the companion, my bestfriend and her guy friend. I took the 10:30AM screening and booked via the SM Cinema website. But then we had some issues with the booking so we got moved to the 11:30AM screening instead. And why am I saying all this??? Nyahahaha.. Pardon the sick lady… I don’t know what I’m talking about.


Now on to the actual topic which is my outfit. Ahihihihi…

Wore my favorite DIY shirt again and paired it this time with a denim skirt and my ballerina flats for that girly look. Comfy and girly – perfect movie date outfit.



Finished off my look with this round eyeglasses and pile on some bangles for a perfect arm party. Been really trying to steer clear from excessorizing lately. My top reason is the unbearable heat. I don’t wanna sweat on them accessories and get allergies later. I have super sensitive skin so these things happen to me often. And also, I try to really pick my pieces and allow my accessories to be just a supporting character to my entire look.



I find this photo charming, so I still post it even if its blurred. I feel like Tony’s protecting me here. Very Pepper Potts ang peg. Me likey! Oh Iron Man, you are my dream boy! Naks!

20130427093039459DIY’d shirt: vintage | Denim Skirt: gift from my cousin | Ballerina Flats: CMG | Bag: Capezio | Belt: G. Gozum | Eye Glasses: from G.p | Arm Party: all from Divisoria


After the film, we all went separate ways. The companion and I met up with someone to check out something while my bestfriend and her friend went home as they still have work at night. After meeting up with that “someone”, the companion and I decided to have dinner at Robinson’s Ermita and guess who welcomed us there???


Hello there Iron Man! Just saw you on the big screen. Well, humongous screen that is! @_@ And oh! Never mind the crappy photos. I did some tinkering on my S3 camera and now it’s like that. Nyahahahaha! :) Still no decent camera for me. :(


Oh there’s Thor also!!! :) Lovin’ your muscles, you big man!


And the Transformers are also there to show their support to Tony. Nice one guys! You are the sweetest.

Weekend is almost here! Can’t wait!!!




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