#Shopaholic: Gold Sandals from Payless


Remember the cute sandals that Joie wore on our Ace Hotel Staycation? No? See here.

Anyway, I got inggit on the sandals so I decided to give Payless a visit last Saturday. I was eyeing the same sandals as Joie’s but as usual, no size available for me. :’( #hirapngpandak

And so I just settled on the size 2-3 aisle, also known as the “kiddie section” and found these gorgeous gold flats. The best part is, it’s on SALE! Original price is Php 995.00 but I got mine for a whopping *drum roll please* – Php 298.50!!!

I love sale!! :) I love it so much that I convince my sister to get the exact same pair! I know she’d use and abuse my pair so I made sure she get hers. Hmp! Damot much. :)

So what are you waiting for? Give Payless a visit. For sure, you’d find something for you.





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