Review: Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe

We had a lunch date with the entire team here to celebrate my boss’ birthday. His treat of course! It happened some time in March and I totally forgot all about it until today. :-S
You see, this is that time when I introduced Pudding Camera to my entire team and we’re using that camera in taking pictures. Sadly, all photos taken in Pudding goes directly to my phone memory so when I did a reset on my phone (no more details pls! My heart still bleeds everytime I remember that dreadful night.) – anyway, when I did a rest on the phone, all Mom&Tina’s photos we’re lost. I thought I lost them forever! But voila! I got a couple uploaded in FB and some photos transferred on my SD card! Yay! And so here I am blogging all about it on my birthday! @_@
Mom&Tina’s interior is so cozy and cute, It spells shabby chic to the nth level. I love the interior and the lighting and the tables and even the placemat.

It’s my first time to dine here so I was asking some advise from the pro. I don’t remember what I got (oooppss!) but I know I love it so much. I love the soup! And that burger steak or something. As well as the bread. I still remember how warm I feel inside while dining in this place. Even if I can’t remember what I had, I am sure that I loved everything! And I tried my team mate’s orders as well, most of the dishes are delicious. I’m sure I’d go back one day!

Here are some of the photos of the food we had…The yummy soup!!Warm and soft bread. It’s a little sweet and moist. Best paired with the soup.My plate. :)I had this set meal. I’m super full after.I don’t know who’s plate it is but those Salisbury Steak is tender and very delish.My beautiful team mates! The best team evah! :)


Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe

Makati Branch

G/F Unit 14 Tropical Palms Condominium

Dela Rosa St. cor. Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati

(02) 840-4299 or 894-3598



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