Review: Café France


I have the most kuripot bunch of lunchmates. We’d usually walk all the way to Roemer’s Carinderia to buy our cheap lunch but sometimes, we splurge and just gave in to our cravings. And so one afternoon, we found ourselves sitting at Café France.


It’s my first time in Café France. And so I was awed on their menu choices. I wanna try everything!!! :)

20130327_124330Seafood Soup Linguine (Php 95.00)

I got myself them soup which is really a great choice! I love the consistency of the soup and the generous amount of seafood on it. It’s a tomato based soup but I love that it’s not too sour. This is hands down my favorite. It’s actually heavy enough for me. So for those of you who’s not heavy eater, I think this is just perfect for lunch.

20130327_125044Seafood Marinara (Php 249.00)

Then I got the seafood marinara for sharing with Rooksie. The pasta is also tomato based (Italian) and I also liked it. It’s not too sour as well nor too sweet. But this one is heavy so sharing it with Rooksie is such a great decision.

20130327_124142Quiche (Not sure what kind)

This little piece of heaven is what AF got. I tried it and I really liked it. Not to mention it’s healthy!


I don’t know who ordered this croissant and I wasn’t able to try it. It was served and I just took a photo of it. Teehee!

20130327_125516-horz-vertPierre Tray Couture (Php 270.00)

This is what Roemer got and I love the presentation. It has a little of everything. Half Seafood Deluxe Clubhouse Sandwich and Seafood Marinara. The tray also comes with 3 cutie breadsticks with chicken/pumpkin (?) soup plus a piece of chocolate for dessert. And oh! It comes with a glass of juice as well. I think this is reasonably priced and will definitely try it on my next visit.

20130327_124036-horzFour Seasons Juice (Php 85.00) and Orange Juice (Php 85.00)

Finished off with these refreshing juices and a mug of water. :)

My first ever visit at Café France was a hit. I’d surely come back!






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